Louis van Roode, painting Olvehflat, photo: Ossip Van Duivenbode (BKOR)


Rotterdam Theater

Z-FILES #13 Louis van Roode

Z-Files #13: Louis van Roode
Thu 29 Oct. at 17:00 pm, hall of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg - Free

Z-Files #13 is entirely devoted to sculptor, graphic artist and painter Louis van Roode (Rotterdam, 1914-1964). The reason is the restoration of the mural in the Olvehflat, one of the ten apartments belonging to the national monument the Lijnbaan ensemble, recently made possible by Amvest and CBK R'dam. Van Roode played an important role in the reconstruction art of Rotterdam. His best-known works are the monumental glass-in-concrete artwork (1959) on the side wall of the Central Post building and the Erasmus wall mosaic (1954) on the Holbein House on Coolsingel in Rotterdam. This edition takes place in the hall of the Rotterdamse Schouwburg where, in the run-up to the Z-Files, attention is paid to the media wall for the monumental reconstruction art in Rotterdam. The host is Ernest van der Kwast. Z-Files, Art and the City is a live talk show in which art, public space and the city are discussed with interviews, lectures, presentations and mini-lectures.

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Louis van Roode at work, wall painting Olvehflat.

Louis van Roode - Reconstruction artist
Most people know his work but do not know that it is from Louis van Roode. Who was Van Roode? And what significance did he have for the reconstruction of Rotterdam? Historian Siebe Thissen (head of BKOR) recently wrote an essay about the erratic relationship between the city, the reconstruction and the residents. And about how Van Roode criticized modern architecture. Want to know more about Van Roode? Come to the Z-Files on 29 October.

Ode to van Roode - Wilma Sütö
Wilma Sütö takes the audience at a glance along the well-known and less well-known reconstruction art of Louis van Roode. Wilma Sütö is a journalist and art historian. She worked as a critic for the Volkskrant for ten years and came to Rotterdam as a curator for City Collection at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. She is now curator of modern and contemporary art at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, the museum for Dutch art after 1945.

Double interview - Woody van Amen & Robi van Roode
Woody van Amen, now known as the foreman of Dutch Pop Art, used to be the assistant to Louis van Roode. Robi, Van Roode's daughter was a good friend of his. Together they reminisce and allow us a glimpse into the artist's life. "What kind of man was Van Roode?" What was he like to work with? And what kind of father was he? "

Interview - Plea for Van Roode, Jan van de Pavert
Jan van de Pavert supports the artwork of Louis van Roode at Erasmus MC. This wall painting, an abstract work from 1960, will probably be demolished. Jan van de Pavert is also an artist himself. His work is mostly about the functioning of architecture and fictional spaces, in which history plays a role.

Interview - Launch of monograph Louis van Roode, Willem Heijbroek
Starting out as a graphic artist, Louis van Roode has developed into an important monumental artist, able to manage groups of employees and colleagues. Its versatility borders on the incredible. Willem Heijbroek made a first monograph on Van Roode. The focus is on his work and how Van Roode related to the then flourishing artistic environment in the city. The book is launched during the Z-Files and is for sale.

Column - One work of art illuminated, Sara Wiersma
Sara Wiersma provides a column about one artwork by Louis van Roode that can be seen in the public space of Rotterdam. Wiersma is an editor at Vers Beton, the Rotterdam online journal for journalism and opinion. She writes a monthly section about art in the public space of Rotterdam.

Interview - The state of Van Roodem, Simone Vermaat
In the interview with Simone Vermaat, collection advisor at the National Service for Cultural Heritage, attention is paid to reconstruction art and more specifically to the restored mural by Louis van Roode in the Olvehflat. Vermaat is co-author of Art of Reconstruction in the Netherlands 1940-1965, a publication about the rise, prosperity and decline of monumental art in the reconstruction period.

Rotterdam Late Night, Thu. December 3, 2015
Rotterdam Late Night, a monthly talk show about art, politics and architecture, also focuses on reconstruction in a special edition. The program is established in collaboration with BKOR. There are interviews, live music, a mini lecture and an ode to a special Rotterdammer. The presentation is in the hands of Ernest van der Kwast.

Z-Files, Liveshow & newspaper
In addition to the talk show, Z-Files also has a print edition, the second edition of which has recently been published. The newspaper informs about everything that is currently worthwhile in the field of art and public space in Rotterdam. The Z-Files newspaper can be picked up for free at TENT Rotterdam and available on the evening of the Z-Files. The Z-Files newspaper is published by Sculpture International Rotterdam and BKOR. View the Z-Files newspaper online: Z-Files #1 & Z-Files #2

2. Central Post building - photo Christian van der Kooy
Glass-in-concrete artwork, Central Post (1959), photo: Christian van der Kooy.
6. Central Post building - photo Christian van der Kooy
Glass-in-concrete artwork, Central Post (1959), photo: Christian van der Kooy.
11. Erasmus - Coolsingel - photo Christian van der Kooy
Erasmus wall mosaic (1954), location: Coolsingel, photo: Christian van der Kooy
10. The Family - Westblaak - photo Christian van der Kooy
The Family (1960), location: Westblaak, photo: Christian van der Kooy

Z-Files, Art and the City is a program of Sculpture International Rotterdam and BKOR, which focuses on art, public space and the city through lectures, presentations and excursions. The aim of the program is to bring attention to the special collection of artworks in the public space of Rotterdam and to highlight current developments in the city. Production: Anne van Summeren. Host: Ernest van der Kwast. Thanks to the Rotterdamse Schouwburg and the guests of the evening.

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