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Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek
Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek

CBK Rotterdam is working on a lively art climate in Rotterdam

CBK Rotterdam is working on a lively art climate in Rotterdam. We do this together with makers, partners and residents of the city. This puts us in the middle of the city and we are involved in what's going on in the city. We enable artists to develop new work and a new language and to develop joint initiatives. In this way we jointly shape the dreamed city.

We are a partner of residents and other stakeholders to work with artists on a city in which we want to live together based on their motivation, experience and involvement. A city in which imagination and versatility have an inescapable place. We do this by putting our core qualities, interaction and involvement, at the center of our actions.

Art exists by the grace of a free exchange of ideas - sometimes in-depth, sometimes enriching, sometimes abrasive. In all cases, art wants to offer contemporary insights and perspectives with which people can find each other or better understand different positions.

Since the first day of reconstruction, visual arts have played an important role in Rotterdam. CBK Rotterdam is committed to the city by connecting makers, cultural partners, social stakeholders, residents and the public. We do this from Hoek van Holland to Nesselande, from Rotterdam Center to IJsselmonde with the aim of creating and maintaining a climate in which art in Rotterdam can continue to develop and is relevant to everyone.

We are working on a lively art climate in Rotterdam through three programs

BKOR / Sculpture International Rotterdam

These programs take care of the city collection in the public space. We support Rotterdammers in their request to see important histories and people in the form of a work of art in their city. And we give artists the opportunity to help shape the common space in the city.

Art Office

With Art Office we offer artists the space to develop their practice and to initiate activities together with others. In this way artists can contribute to the cultural and social dynamics in the city from their perspective.

TENT Rotterdam

With our exhibition platform TENT we offer a lively stage and production house for the artists. Forms of expression and subjects that the metropolitan culture of Rotterdam produces also have a place there.

CBK Rotterdam endorses the Diversity and Inclusion Code and the Cultural Governace Code


The CBK Rotterdam foundation was established in 1982. CBK Rotterdam set itself the goal of putting the visual arts on the map and supporting the artist in his professional practice. In particular through the implementation of the Visual Artists Regulation (BKR) and the Percentage Regulation. The Artotheek, which was already established in the 1970s, also ended up at CBK Rotterdam.

When the BKR ceased in 1987, it was replaced by individual artist grants, an exhibition space and a public art policy was further developed (BKOR).

The implementation of CBK Rotterdam changed, but the central task remained the stimulation of visual arts and the support of artists. Among other things by the start of a Rotterdam exhibition platform on the Nieuwe Binnenweg and later Villa Alckmaer. From 1999 this became TENT. TENT moved to Witte de Withstraat 50 and developed into the presentation place for contemporary Rotterdam art. On 1 January 2006, CBK Rotterdam - formerly a municipal branch of service - became independent as a foundation with a Supervisory Board. In 2013, CBK Rotterdam moved from Nieuwe Binnenweg to Eendrachtsstraat, and Sculpture International Rotterdam moved into the same building.

TENT is the platform for contemporary art in the context of Rotterdam with exhibitions, new productions, educational projects, performances and events with makers from the city and beyond.
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Sculpture International Rotterdam manages Rotterdam's international sculpture collection, brings it to the attention and develops a metropolitan international art policy.
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Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek

BKOR manages and renews the extensive city collection in collaboration with Rotterdam residents, companies and institutions. BKOR advises the municipality, citizens and artists on the realization, placement, relocation and remediation of public works of art.
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Art Office mediates, informs and supports visual artists from Rotterdam with regard to their professional practice. For artists, institutions and individuals.
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