CBK Rotterdam unites the programs (Art Office, BKOR, SIR, TENT) in the logo ribbon. For projects that received a financial contribution from CBK Rotterdam, the use of the 'short logo' CBK R'DAM is sufficient.

Use of logo with financial support by CBK Rotterdam

  • In case of a project or publication realized with the support of CBK Rotterdam, the 'single' CBK R'DAM logo is used on all communications.
  • The phrase “Made possible with a financial contribution from CBK Rotterdam” is used with the logo. English: “Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)”
  • One of the two (logo or sentence) may only be used if it can be demonstrated that there is no other way.
  • When mentioning CBK Rotterdam on digital platforms such as websites and digital newsletters, place a link to www.cbkrotterdam.nl

Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam) CBK Rotterdam.

Download the CBK R'DAM logos here

Social media

Use on social media notifications: #CBKRDAMMAAKPOSITION

We applaud you for bringing your project to the attention of social media and kindly ask you to tag CBK Rotterdam (@CBKRotterdam).

We would also like to ask you to use the following hashtags on the socials: #cbkrdammaakpossible #cbkrotterdam # Beeldendekunst #kunstendestad #rotterdam #rotterdamart and when applicable #tentrotterdam #bkor #sculptureinternationalrotterdam #artoffice