CBK Rotterdam unites its programs (Art Office, BKOR, SIR, TENT) in the 'logo ribbon' (see top of this page). For projects that received a financial contribution from CBK Rotterdam, the use of the 'short logo' CBK R'DAM is sufficient.

Use of logo with financial support by CBK Rotterdam

  • In case of a project or publication realized with the support of CBK Rotterdam, the 'single' CBK R'DAM logo is used on all communications.
  • With the logo, the phrase "Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam)" is used.
  • Only when there is demonstrably no other option, one of the two (logo or sentence) may be used.
  • When mentioning CBK Rotterdam on digital platforms such as websites and digital newsletters, place a link to cbkrotterdam.nl

Supported by CBK Rotterdam (Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam) CBK Rotterdam.

Download the CBK R'DAM logos here
use for notifications on social media: #CBKRDAMMAAKTMOGIJK or #SUPPORTEDBYCBKRDAM

If you have any questions about the correct logo use, contact CBK Rotterdam, Xandra Nibbeling.

Social media
We welcome your promotion of your project in social media. Kind request to visit CBK Rotterdam tagging (@CBKRotterdam).

We would also ask you to use the following hastags (cut and paste) on Twitter and Instagram, for example:
#cbkrdam Maakossible #cbkrotterdam # Beeldendekunst #kunstendestad #rotterdam #rotterdamart and to believe: #tentrotterdam #bkor #sculptureinternationalrotterdam #artoffice