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Deadline: January 31, 2021

As of March 1, 2021 CBK Rotterdam is looking for two new advisers to join the committee of the Research and Development (R&D) scheme, a special financing scheme that allows Rotterdam visual artists to deepen and develop their work, with a central focus on the process.


We are looking for an artist, maker and doer with a visual background and someone with an art-historical background, an exhibition maker and / or critic. In addition to people with professional knowledge and expertise, CBK Rotterdam is also interested in people with a cross-disciplinary vision or people who can bring in new, surprising or more (culturally) diverse perspectives.


Om a variety of different artist practices too can stimulate attaches CBK Rotterdam much importance to polyphony and attention is paid to it intersectionality within de advisory committee. When compiling the commissie we pay attention in addition to expertise, knowledge and experience within a specific field on representation of different cultural backgrounds, from the endages and networks. Affinity with the Rotterdam cultural network is a plus. 

Nature of the scheme

The purpose of the scheme is artistically visual research, experiment, floor and reflection in the field of their own visual art practice and to create free space for professional makers. The scheme receives applications from individual visual artists who are registered with CBK Rotterdam.

Composition and method

De committee consists of a chairman, a note taker en five advisors with a position as visual artist, maker, researcher, observer or another profession (or function / profession) within the visual arts. The advisers jointly assess the applications. The advisers are expected to be aware of current developments in the visual arts or at least one of its sub-areas, its policy and objectives CBK Rotterdam. 

Guidelines and criteria apply to the assessment that objectify the personal viewpoints of the advisers. In addition to quality, an important criterion, the reqagen tested against the expected in-depth impulse for the artistic development of the visual professional practice of the applicant. The process is central to the application, that by means of a plan of action, an timeframe and realistic budget, whereby the artist's fee heThe most important part is made transparent.

As a result of the covid-19 outbreak, the working method has been adjusted and will probably also be digital meetings in 2021.

De advisory committee meets three times a year. Dutch is the official language at the meetings. 

The activities of one of the committee members start on March 1, at the first R&D round 2021. The second committee member will start on 28 June 2021.


Advisers receive a fee (attendance fee) and a travel allowance. The time investment of a consultant requires, in addition three meeting days per year, including reading time of the applications in preparation for the committee meeting. As a rule, there is per application round three days and the documents are two available digitally weeks before the meeting. On average, a consultant must take into account a time investment of such a year nine working days for the meetings and a comparable number of hours for reading in the weeks before the meeting.


Candidates can respond no later than Sunday 31 January 2021. A response consists of a letter with motivation and a description of expertise (maximum 1 A4), a CV and / or a brief overview of recent projects. In the motivation you clearly indicate which expertise you dispose.

Send your response in a PDF document (maximum 3 pages) by email to Mention in the subject of the e-mail: R&D committee member 2021.  

The interviews are scheduled in the second and third week of February.  

More information

Look for more information on this website, reference is specifically made to the Governance Code. For more information about the scheme see:  

Also can you contrecord the act with the coordinator of the grant Petra Laaper, 


Commission members be basically for a period of appointed for three years. The maximum advisory term is four years. The composition of the committees takes into account expertise, diversity, complementarity or specific specialisms. Preventing the possible appearance of a conflict of interest is an important criterion.