Together with makers, cultural partners, social stakeholders and residents, CBK Rotterdam is working on a lively art climate in Rotterdam. It is crucial that we are in the middle of the city and involved in what is going on in the city. Through our programs Art Office, BKOR, Sculpture International and TENT, we enable artists and thus the city to develop new work and a new language, to develop joint initiatives and thus help shape the dreamed city. We operate as a partner of residents and other stakeholders, to work with artists on the basis of their motivation, experience and involvement to create a city in which we want to live, a city in which imagination and versatility have an inescapable place. We do this by placing our core qualities, interaction and involvement, at the center of our actions.

Our Supervisory Board meets about five times a year and consists of five people with diverse professional backgrounds. The members of the Supervisory Board have a connection with Rotterdam and the art & culture in our city. The council members are aware of current events in the sector and in Rotterdam, and they are also prepared to use their knowledge and network for the work of CBK Rotterdam. They constructively and critically supervise the policy that CBK Rotterdam initiates and implements, and are also a sounding board for the director/administrator.

As a specific Rotterdam institution, CBK Rotterdam wants to be part of the dynamic development of the city and to be a reflection of it. That is why we are also working on a diverse composition of the Supervisory Board and fully endorse the Culture Governance Code and the Culture & Inclusion Code. Given the composition of the current Supervisory Board, we prefer people with expertise in finance.


A motivation accompanied by a curriculum vitae can be up to and including May 20, 2023 sent to, for the attention of Ellen Bouwmeester. General information about CBK Rotterdam can be found at Information about the Supervisory Board can be obtained from Renske van Rees, head secretariat of the Supervisory Board via