CBK Rotterdam is looking for a program leader for public space

​(32 hours a week)

The Destroyed City? The Guard? The Slavery Monument? The Bospoldervos?
An important part of CBK Rotterdam's work takes place on the street. Visual Arts & Public Space (BKOR) and Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR) are working day and night to cherish, promote and (where possible) expand the Rotterdam city collection in the public space. Sharing our knowledge with Rotterdammers and visitors to our city is therefore of course a top priority.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for a decisive colleague who will work with us and all partners involved on our program and the intended policy plan 'Art in the public space of Rotterdam 2023-2033'. The ambitions formulated therein are then given shape to a renewed public art policy that moves along with the city of Rotterdam, its residents, our shared history and future. You have a coordinating role in this, you are the contact person for our stakeholders and you are part of the staff of CBK Rotterdam. You work strategically with director CBK Rotterdam and you are accountable to this. And you are not afraid to make choices and to make a strong case for this in the organization.

Who are you going to do that with?
In the first place with a team of committed colleagues. Art in public space is a collective undertaking and is always realized in collaboration with others: artists, clients, the municipality, institutions, museums, districts and neighborhoods – in short, with Rotterdammers who want something beautiful or important in the outdoor space. Your insights, your compass, creative skills and your ability to collaborate will come in handy.

What is your profile?
You feel connected to Rotterdam. You know the city or are willing to get to know the city as quickly as possible. Not only the center, but also the neighbourhoods, districts and areas have your attention. You are familiar with visual arts and urban development in your own way, and you have experience in the cultural sector. Moreover, you actively seek contact and cooperation with others. You always want to learn, you have ideas, you are communicative and solution-oriented, and you like to work together. You have an HBO or university working and thinking level. And you master the Dutch language in word and writing.

What does Rotterdam ask of you?
The street buzzes, vomits and broods. The city is becoming more popular, fuller and people are making their voices heard louder. Citizens, artists, politicians and marketers – everyone really has an idea of ​​what art on the street should look like. And they raise important questions. Is our image collection representative and inclusive enough? Should every empty wall be painted by street artists? Is art more than city marketing? The city is dynamic, always on the move. For example, what do we want with philanthropy? How will the collection relate to that change? These are really just a few of the questions that come to us every day.

What do we offer you?
In addition to hefty challenges in a city with a unique, world-famous collection of images, highly motivated colleagues, an informal working environment and personal responsibilities: an appointment for an initial year with an indication of the 10/11 scale of the collective labor agreement for Municipalities. We will then see further, because the position is of course subject to developments in the professional field and the political agenda.

About us
CBK Rotterdam works on visual art and the city. We are convinced that visual art makes the city a better place. In addition to our activities in public space (BKOR and SIR), we do this through our presentation platform TENT and Art Office where Rotterdam artists can make various contributions to their professional practice.

Are you the program leader we are looking for? Send your motivation letter and CV to before 30 October at the latest including public space.

CBK Rotterdam strives for diversity that does justice to the dynamics of Rotterdam. CBK Rotterdam endorses the Cultural Governance, Diversity & Inclusion and Fair Practice codes.