Art walking

There is more walking during the corona measures. In Rotterdam, people flock to the parks and beaches to get a breath of fresh air. It is therefore very busy in many places in the city.

Fancy a quieter route?

In the Netherlands, Rotterdam is the city with the most art in public space. Walking along the art you can explore the city and enjoy the outdoors, especially now that the sun is shining a little more often.

What options are there?

Online map

Op you will find hundreds of images on the map. You can map out a walk in your area, or in a completely different part of Rotterdam. The information about the images can be found on the map.

Printed map (or downloadable pdf)

We have made three maps with which you can take an art walk. They are available at Rotterdam Info on the Coolsingel and can be downloaded below as a pdf.

Latest Walk: Women's Art

Art by female makers is not very common yet, fortunately more and more often. For example, on March 8, 2021 - Women's Day - a new artwork by Kalliopi Lemos, the braid, unveiled on the sculpture terrace on the Westersingel. A reason for CBK Rotterdam and Art Index to get a free Art Walk Rotterdam to launch with a walk through art by only female makers. The circular walk is about 10.000 steps. The walk at the braid.

This 'women's art' walk is download here for free. Print the walk or take it with you on your phone and walk along with a friend along art by female makers in the heart of Rotterdam.

Light route

In Rotterdam, a number of works of art and buildings are illuminated in a special way, and poetry emerges in the dark. The municipality of Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam have together drawn up a road map that will take you along this nightly highlights in the city.
Download light route English
Download Dutch light route

Feijenoord Monumental

With this map in hand, it is possible to take a walk past works of art that are rich in the Feijenoord district, and which on this map are grouped around the themes of labor, port and migration. Feijenoord has more monuments and sculptures, but these are not included in the city walk.
Route Feyenoord


De Romantic Single Family van Rotterdam was developed in the mid-19th century and intensively restored from 2000 onwards. It took fifteen years to implement Het Singelplan, including the accompanying art commissions. This map leads along the canals of three districts in Rotterdam North: Blijdorp, Oude Noorden and Crooswijk. There are works of art from various periods to discover. It is an invitation to relax and go back in time.
Download route singeltrace

Art Index Tours

Art Index Rotterdam is a partner of CBK Rotterdam. Together we regularly organize evening art walks along the statues in the city. Art Index also offers walks online, including a 'Bospoldervos walk'.
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The free Art Walk Rotterdam is a circular walk of about 10.000 steps and takes you past public art by women artists, download here for free.

International sculpture route

On you will find the city's international sculpture collection, including the sculpture group on the Westersingel. A nice piece of an art walk.
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Rotterdam Routes

The handy Rotterdam Routes app offers, among other things, a number of art walks that have been created in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam.
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Animal route

Discover the city's hidden animals. The history of the city seems to have been determined by distinguished and important people, especially men. But there were also very important animals in the city, with their own story. And those animals are still there. Take for example Elie's Frog, Elie van Rijckevorsel. He eventually ended up on a bust, a very grand bust, together with Elie. He is at the Veerhaven. Incidentally, three types of frogs live in Rotterdam; the brown frog and two 'green' frogs, the mongrel frog and the lake frog. You might encounter the brown frog on this walk in the Historisch Tuin Schoonoord.
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Publication date: 19 / 04 / 2021