Art walking

There is more walking during the corona measures. In Rotterdam, people flock to the parks and beaches to get a breath of fresh air. It is therefore very busy in many places in the city. Fancy a quiet route? In the Netherlands, Rotterdam is the city with the most art in public space. Walking past the art you can explore the city and enjoy the outdoors, especially now that the sun is showing itself a little more often.

What options are there?

Online map

Op you will find hundreds of images on the map. You can map out a walk in your area, or in a completely different part of Rotterdam. The information about the images can be found on the map.

Printed map (or downloadable pdf)

We have made three maps with which you can take an art walk. They are available at Rotterdam Info on the Coolsingel and can be downloaded below as a pdf.

Art route Rotterdam

On Friday 8 October 2021 became the walking map during the 'Week of Accessibility' Art route Rotterdam launched, a publication of CBK Rotterdam. Walking from the Westersingel to the Wilhelminapier you will become acquainted with thirty statues. Pointed descriptions in Dutch and English offer a wealth of information. That is handy, because nowhere do you see so many beautiful works of art on the street as in Rotterdam. The quality of the works is exceptional and the condition they are in is also very good.

The Art Route Rotterdam is available at Tourist Information Rotterdam, TENT Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam.
Download here .

Light route

In Rotterdam, a number of works of art and buildings are illuminated in a special way, and poetry emerges in the dark. The municipality of Rotterdam and CBK Rotterdam have together drawn up a road map that will take you along this nightly highlights in the city.
Download here .

Feijenoord Monumental

With this map in hand, it is possible to take a walk past works of art that are rich in the Feijenoord district, and which on this map are grouped around the themes of labor, port and migration. Feijenoord has more monuments and sculptures, but these are not included in the city walk.
Download here .


De Romantic Single Family van Rotterdam was developed in the mid-19th century and intensively restored from 2000 onwards. It took fifteen years to implement Het Singelplan, including the accompanying art commissions. This map leads along the canals of three districts in Rotterdam North: Blijdorp, Oude Noorden and Crooswijk. There are works of art from various periods to discover. It is an invitation to relax and go back in time.
Download here .

ArtIndex Tours

Do-It-Yourself Art Walk_Women in Rotterdam
March 8, 2022, Art Index Rotterdam pays tribute to artist Madeleine Berkhemer (1973-2019) with the second DIY Art Walk_Women in Rotterdam. The walk starts in the Garden of North at her newly unveiled artwork Parabola Blues (2021) and the walk stops at The lost pearl (2015) in the park. With 10.000 steps you follow a surprising selection of public art by female makers. Art Index Rotterdam gives an encore through the Scheepvaartkwartier towards the center and tips a number of galleries of female gallery owners along the route. The route can be walked in both directions. Download the free PDF here .

art of women
March 8, 2021 became The Plait by Kalliopi Lemos added to the sculpture terrace along the Westersingel. A great occasion for a walk along a selection of street art made by female artists. Bluntly 'women' art in Rotterdam. Along the way you see a lot of art, which is not considered in order to make the imbalance between makers tangible. A round of 11 kilometers from north, to east, west and back to the center. Artist Judith van den Berg asks questions and especially for this walk, she chose two for you to reflect on along the way. Do you like to spread traces of your existence? Do you enjoy finding traces of the existence of others?

De COOL Art Walk is a varied walk on the renovated Coolsingel. Follow the art and experience the history and future, architecture, greenery and urban development of this city boulevard that now offers space for cyclists and walkers. You come to surprising places, look around you with different eyes and on Wednesdays at 12 o'clock sharp you can see the performance artwork of Elmgreen and Dragset see in progress. Performance artist Wim Konings then brings the magic message, 'It is never too late to say sorry!'.

Florentine Hofman Art Walk
In the updated Florentine Hofman Art Walk the focus has shifted to West. Via Museum Park โ€“ Black Crow (2006), Schiemond โ€“ Five paper boats (2010), Merwe-Vierhaven (Fake Me Hard until August 15, 2021), Forest fox (2020), Oud Mathenesse โ€“ with gems in the Landenbuurt, on to Schiedam for Hofmans Stadscocon (2021). The Stadscocon is a temporary installation, which can be experienced for free until October 1, 2021 in the nave of the Gothic Sint Janskerk at 37 Lange Kerkstraat in Schiedam.

Gavin Turk Art Walk
In the spirit of 'young British artists', the unveiling of the 3.5 meter high bronze door at the head of Wilhelmina pier Gavin Turk Art Walk developed. A surprising topical walk from Wilhelminapier to Oud Charlois, which is about places, looking and seeing connections. Landing on South, a port in development, gazing over the river, narrative art and feel free to take the water taxi. Until July 31, 2021, an underwater walk in the Maastunnel is possible along more than 670 Public Works a nice finish on the way to the north bank.

International sculpture route

On the website of Sculpture International Rotterdam you will find the city's international sculpture collection, including the sculpture group on Westersingel. A nice part of an art walk.

Rotterdam Routes

The handy app Rotterdam Routes offers, among other things, a number of art walks that were established in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam. Like the Gallery, Art and Urban Beauty route with Ernest van der Kwast who takes you along some great galleries and special works of art in the public space. Or the Street Art trail with Peter Helm who is committed to the acceptance of street art.

Animal route

Discover the city's hidden animals. The history of the city seems to have been determined by distinguished and important people, especially men. But there were also very important animals in the city, with their own story. And those animals are still there. Take for example Elie's Frog, Elie van Rijckevorsel. He eventually ended up on a bust, a very grand bust, together with Elie. He is at the Veerhaven. Incidentally, three types of frogs live in Rotterdam; the brown frog and two 'green' frogs, the mongrel frog and the lake frog. You might encounter the brown frog on this walk in the Historisch Tuin Schoonoord.
More information

Life walking walk

This walk is an inspirational and touristic walk along the banks of the Nieuwe Maas in Rotterdam. The route has several stops. One or more 'life questions' are asked at those stops that can only be answered by you personally. Find the route here .

Publication date: 24 / 06 / 2021