15/08/2016 — 19/08/2016
Museum park

Graduate Resident 5: Isabel Mager

Uproot Rotterdam program: Graduate Residencies
Finissage: Friday 19 August 2016, 16.00 hour

Every week a recent graduate of a Dutch art or design course is invited for a work stay in the Museumpark. They show their graduation work and provide a follow-up. Visitors from Uproot Rotterdam are invited to attend their arrival and departure.

The fifth guest in the Stay is a designer Isabel Mager. She graduated Design Academy Eindhoven, Man & Well Being department, and continues her graduation project during her residency in the sculpture park.

Isabel skinny, final presentation. Wouter van Stip.

104_Randprogramma Uproot Rotterdam Photo Wouter de Wit_lores 100_Randprogramma Uproot Rotterdam Photo Wouter de Wit_lores
Graduate Resident 1: Woody 'S-gravemade & Fabian Bredt
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Graduate Resident 5: Isabel Mager

The program of the Graduation Stay is compiled by Studio Makkink & Bey, commissioned by BKOR en SIR (programs from CBK Rotterdam). Look here for the program of Uproot Rotterdam. Photo: final presentation Isabel Mager, photographer Wouter de Wit Photography.