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Graduate Resident 4: Jorieke Tenbergen

Event: 08 / 08 / 2016 - 12 / 08 / 2016
Location: Museumpark

Uproot Rotterdam program: Graduate Residencies
Finissage: Friday 12 August, 16.00 hour

Every week a recent graduate of a Dutch art or design course is invited for a work stay in the Museumpark. They show their graduation work and provide a follow-up. Visitors from Uproot Rotterdam are invited to attend their arrival and departure.

The fourth guest in the Stay is a designer Jorieke Tenbergen. She graduated from the Fashion department of ArteZ in Arnhem and continues her graduation project during her residency in the sculpture park. On Friday 5 August at 16.00 o'clock the finissage is hers Graduate Residencie. This is free to the public. Knowing more? View here the show of her graduation collection Caution! Contaminated Context (June 2016).

Looking back

13924814_898281783610492_8449001448185007514_n [2]13912350_898281726943831_4340320452192716557_n [1]13934818_898281966943807_847803148527675910_n [1]Photo report finissage, Friday 12 August, Graduate Residencie 4, photos: Wouter de Wit.


I'm Jorieke Tenbergen. 23 year. Born in Zevenaar. After high school I completed the 1 year-long general education at the HKU. Then the bachelor Fashion Design at ArtEZ and graduated there last June with a menswear collection.

I find context very interesting. I started digitally distorting and inflating items of clothing that I found in news photos. If you isolate this from the news photo, part of the context is lost as well. In the end I found the results for which I had used rescue suits and protective overalls the most exciting. I then started to combine elements of this with those of garments with completely different contexts, such as sportswear and denim.

For my final collection I started looking at items of clothing from news photos. For the residence, I thought it would be interesting to take existing items of clothing that I associate with the place and the environment and the images that were moved there about the reconstruction of Rotterdam. I will, as it were, also first tear down these garments and then rebuild them and merge them together. I also want to make prints of the silhouettes of the statues. ”

Jorieke Tenbergen, final collection Artez Arnhem, photo: Peter Stigter.

Graduates in Residency

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The program of the Graduation Stay is composed by Studio Makkink & Bey, commissioned by BKOR en SIR (programs from CBK Rotterdam). Look here for the program of Uproot Rotterdam.

Statue: Wouter de Wit Photography (color), Jorieke Tenbergen: Jan Willem Kaldebach (b), graduation collection: Peter Stigter.

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