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photography Wouter de Wit
photography Wouter de Wit

Museum Guest 1: Tour David Bade & Tirzo Martha

Tour: 19 / 07 / 2016
Location: Museumpark

Uproot Rotterdam program: Museum Guests
19 July, 13: 00 - 14: 00 hours

In cooperation with the Kunsthal, Sculpture International Rotterdam and BKOR (programs from CBK Rotterdam), David Bade and Tirzo Martha created a new work for participants Uproot Rotterdam. On Tuesday 19 July, artists will personally guide visitors through this new sculpture and their exhibition in the Kunsthal.

For the part Museum Guests Studio Makkink & Bey collaborated with various museums around the pop-up sculpture park Uproot Rotterdam are located. The program of the Museum Guests is being compiled by Studio Makkink & Bey in collaboration with the Museum Park neighbors, commissioned by BKOR and SIR (programs from CBK Rotterdam).

Museum Guest 1: David Bade & Tirzo Martha tour
Museum Guest 2: How does the Museumpark taste?
Museum Guest 3: Copy Study
Museum Guest 4: Tour Museum Park Villas

04_Randprogramma Uproot Rotterdam Photo Wouter de Wit_lores 05_Randprogramma Uproot Rotterdam Photo Wouter de Wit_lores 06_Randprogramma Uproot Rotterdam Photo Wouter de Wit_loresPhotos: Wouter de Wit for Studio Makkink & Bey.

TENT is the platform for contemporary art in the context of Rotterdam with exhibitions, new productions, educational projects, performances and events with makers from the city and beyond.
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Sculpture International Rotterdam manages Rotterdam's international sculpture collection, brings it to the attention and develops a metropolitan international art policy.
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Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek

BKOR manages and renews the extensive city collection in collaboration with Rotterdam residents, companies and institutions. BKOR advises the municipality, citizens and artists on the realization, placement, relocation and remediation of public works of art.
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Art Office mediates, informs and supports visual artists from Rotterdam with regard to their professional practice. For artists, institutions and individuals.
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