01/08/2016 — 05/08/2016
Museum park

Graduate Resident 3: Milena Näf

Uproot Rotterdam program: Graduate Residencies
Finissage: Friday, August 5, 16.00 p.m.

Every week a recent graduate of a Dutch art or design course is invited for a work stay in the Museumpark. They show their graduation work and provide a follow-up. Visitors from Uproot Rotterdam are invited to attend their arrival and departure.

The third guest in the Graduation Stay in the Museum Park is an artist Milena Näf. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Glass department. Näf continues her graduation project during her residency in the sculpture park.

Looking back

13907087_1574674326161673_5665303782999816475_n [1]13920924_1574674302828342_788455601276218580_n [1]56_Randprogramma Uproot Rotterdam Photo Wouter de Wit_loresPhoto report finissage, Friday 5 August, Graduate Residencie 3, photos: Wouter de Wit.


When do structures inhibit or liberate us and our physical form?
What is the consequence of the fact that our bodies are always 'filling space'?

Milena Naef questions 'existing' structures that are inherent to themselves. The work tries to create the right manifestation of the assumed duality between body and mind. he translates characteristics of a subjective experience into material, transforming the mental into physical to find a new relationship between the two. Once tangible, the interaction with the concrete material allows for a space to 'open' in which a given context can be changed. The body itself with its physical presence and its absence becomes a vital aspect of the work. [Source:]

Milena-Naef- [1]

Photo: work by Milena Näf at the time of the graduation presentation, Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

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The program of the Graduation Stay is composed by Studio Makkink & Bey, commissioned by BKOR en SIR (programs from CBK Rotterdam). Look here for the program of Uproot Rotterdam. Portrait: Wouter de Wit Photography.