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Museum park

Museum Guest 2: how does the Museum Park taste

Museum Guests: 'What does the Museum Park taste like?'
Wednesday 27 July, 19 - 21 pm, register via this link
Admission free, children welcome. Gather at Uproot Rotterdam.

The experience of a city park is primarily visual: color combinations, shapes and textures delight our eyes and create a pleasant atmosphere. What happens if not the eyes, but the other senses are involved? During the workshop How does the Museumpark taste? especially the taste buds are addressed and the participants discover how a city park tastes. Edible plants are collected in the Museum Park, the taste of which is preserved in a tea blend.

The collective Contemporary Wild consists of two young designers, Asnate Bočkis and Willem van Doorn, graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. They are fascinated by the duality between man and nature. Contemporary Wild works on research projects within the domain of contextual design. Bočkis and Van Doorn stimulate autonomous thinking with their provocative projects. They develop strategies to use natural elements in the urban landscape in an alternative way.

Museum Guests / Museum Guests
Studio Makkink & Bey works together with the surrounding museums and programs exclusive activities in the Museum Park. The workshop How does the Museumpark taste? came about thanks to The New Institute. The program Museum Guests is organized as part of Uproot Rotterdam and was compiled by Studio Makkink & Bey on behalf of BKOR and SIR (programs of CBK Rotterdam).

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Image report, How does the Museumpark make?
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