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Graduate Residents Woody 's Gravemade and Fabian Bredt. Uproot Rotterdam is a project by Studio Makkink & Bey commissioned by BKOR and SIR.

Graduate Resident 1: Woody 'S-gravemade in collaboration with Fabian Bredt

18/07/2016 - 22/07/2016
Location: Museumpark

Uproot Rotterdam program: Graduate Residencies
Finissage: Friday 22 July, 16: 00 hour

Every week a recent graduate of a Dutch art or design course is invited for a work stay in the Museumpark. They show their graduation work and provide a follow-up. Visitors from Uproot Rotterdam are invited to attend their arrival and departure.

The first guest in the Graduate Residency (the Graduation Stay in the pop-up sculpture park) Woody 's-Gravenmade (in collaboration with Fabian Bredt). Woody graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts The Hague, Department of Textiles & Fashion, and is continuing his graduation project during his residency at the sculpture park. He based his graduation work on the street culture and fashion of Dutch and Moroccan youth. View here the video of his graduation collection.

Looking back

4 photo Jules van den Langenberg woody 1
1 photo Jules van den Langenberg woody 113770533_1571490689813370_929362808488163666_n [1]Photo report finissage, Friday 22 July, Graduate Residencie 1, photos: Jules van den Langenberg.


belmodo.be wrote about the graduation collection…
“Never seen it on the catwalk before and it certainly surprised me. Woody took care of one fashion clash who worked damn well between Western culture and the Middle East. We all know the traditional Islamic costumes such as the burqa and nikab. The young designer definitely wanted to integrate these items into his collection and make 1 a major fashion culture. This is the "Dutch Collection".

“1 of his main prints from the collection there was one to never forget. He got his inspiration from the, as he described it himself, typical Turkish bag. I think we've all seen them pass on the street. The large blue, red, white striped bag with which we will do the laundry in the laundry room. Yes, Woody gets his impressive print from this ugly thing. The print was given a new dimension and was used in joggings, robes and bourkas. Fabrics such as polyester and plastic were used to create volume for the collection. "

photo7.1 - copy

Photo: one of the works of Woody 'S-gravemade at the time of the graduation presentation, KABK.

Graduates in Residency

Graduate Resident 1: Woody 's-gravemade & Fabian Bredt
Graduate Resident 2: Mat do
Graduate Resident 3: Milena Naef
Graduate Resident 4: Jorieke Tenbergen
Graduate Resident 5: Isabel Mager

The program of the Graduation Stay is composed by Studio Makkink & Bey, commissioned by BKOR en SIR (programs from CBK Rotterdam). Look here for the program of Uproot Rotterdam.

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