New! KNSTMPPN is an accessible, challenging and social art card game for students of all levels and years of secondary education and the upper grades of primary education.


Would you like to do something with art in Rotterdam, but you are not sure how? CBK Rotterdam is happy to help! CBK Rotterdam offers education at various levels. For additional information and questions, please contact our Education department via

Through art people come into contact with new and diverse ideas, with different ways of looking and living. Not only with that of an artist, but also with that of yourself and your environment. By looking at art together and talking about it freely, art gives a glimpse into the perception of the other and offers more insight into your own imaginary world.

CBK Rotterdam works with Rotterdam art and artists to take children, young people, students and adults into the world of imagination. For education, we offer programs where students are given the opportunity to express their opinion in words and images, for example by philosophizing about a work of art or by getting to work themselves. These programs always use the collection of works of art in public spaces or an exhibition at TENT as a starting point. More information about the education programs of TENT can be found here.

KNSTMPPN is a challenging, accessible and social art card game for students of all levels of Secondary Education, where the following applies: the better you look, associate and argue, the greater your chances of winning. KNSTMPPN developed an edition exclusively for CBK Rotterdam in which works of art in the public space of Rotterdam are central. After playing this game, students are guaranteed to see the generously represented art in Rotterdam with different eyes. For more information about the KNSTMPPN package (including guided tours, guided games and the card game):