Primary school

Philosophy tour
During this tour, children discover that it is not only fun to look at art, but that it is also fun to talk about it with each other. Young children are naturally very inquisitive: put them in front of a work of art and they automatically start a conversation. They ask each other questions, answer each other and even enter into discussions with each other. To challenge students even further to think about certain topics, a TENT tour guide comes along who asks provocative questions and leads the conversation.
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Meeting with an artist
What is it like to be an artist? What do you do all day and where do you get ideas from? To get an answer to these questions, students can meet a Rotterdam artist in his studio, in the classroom or in TENT. The artist talks about his work and life as an artist and the children get the chance to ask questions.
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What do you see? (Television program)
Looking at art in the city through the eyes of children from the neighborhood. An art program for children and adults. What kind of art is there in Rotterdam, and what kind of children live in the city? Program maker Ian Pieters, together with children from the various Rotterdam neighborhoods, views and criticizes public art in the city. The children are disarming, their open-minded positive outlook is contagious and inspiring. The series was made possible with a contribution from CBK Rotterdam. View What do you see? on the website of RTV Rijnmond.