Photo: Otto Snoek

Koningsveldeplein enriched with exciting water cups

Sunday 3 October at 16.30 pm the Gargoyles from Koningsveldeplein created by Diederik Klomberg opened. Recently, these fairytale ceramic water cups were placed at the studio building (of Stichting Kunst Accommodation Rotterdam or SKAR) on the square at Koningsveldestraat. 

In 2019, SKAR and BKOR took the initiative to formulate an art commission in response to the completion of the water square on Koningsveldestraat. At the time, both parties opted for a design by Diederik Klomberg, who previously also designed water objects, in collaboration with the Municipality. For this design, Klomberg went back to the often creepy gargoyles on large churches. These gargoyles or gargoyles spit out the rainwater that ends up on the structures. Klomberg's water cups do that too; when it rains, the roof water of the studio building flows through the various heads via water pipes. One head spits through the eyes, the other through the mouth or nose, after which it continues to the water basin hidden under the playground. There the water is stored until it is needed in dry periods.

Diederik Klomberg about his work:

“Since we have been dealing with droughts and water shortages as a result of the changed climate, it is necessary that we use the available water sparingly. Where there is a risk of too much water in wet times, we must regulate the drainage and possibly store the water for dry periods.

Water is the most essential element for the human body. It nourishes, moisturizes, cools and cleans. A few liters flow through our body every day. With these eight gargoyles, the water not only comes out of the mouth opening but also out of nostrils, eyes, and ears. After all, when crying or sniffling, the water also leaves the face. The heads are made from molds cast from male and female models, and the enlarged body openings give them something caricatured.”

Publication date: 08 / 09 / 2021