Photo: Indra Gleizde

New mural by Luuk Bode

A new mural by Luuk Bode was recently placed on the refurbished Koningsveldeplein. On October 3, the mural will open at the same time as Diederik Klomberg's new public artwork.


It was important that the mural stroke3037 would match the energy that prevails on the square. Koningsveldeplein is an active place: children play there, many people meet there and events are organized in the summer.

The basis of the design consists of brushstrokes, which is a reference to making art in the adjacent studio building. The brushstrokes have different signatures because the artists create different work there. In addition, the design seems to have an upward movement. This reflects the suggestion of growth. It refers not only to the greenery on the square, but also to the visitors who come there. It is striking that they are of all ages: small children with parents or grandparents, school-age children, young people and adults who meet there or visit the restaurant and the gallery. The use of color is tailored to the environment. It responds to the present, characteristic colors to make a connection. Luuk Bode also wanted to add to the environment with this mural by using colors that were not yet present.

Bode says about the mural, “When I was working I experienced that the abstraction has a stimulating effect on adults and perhaps even more so with children. It was nice to see that the mural has enough appeal because of the clear shapes and colors to arouse interest among a large group of people, not everyone often comes into contact with abstract art. People tend to look for figuration in the image. I've already heard many different interpretations - from animals, letters to Fortnite skins and Pokemons. There was a lively discussion among a group of children as to which Pokemon it was.”


Photo: Indra Gleizde

About Luke Bode

Luuk Bode is an artist who lives and works in Rotterdam. His portfolio shows a wide variety of paintings, murals, drawings and sculptures. Throughout his career, he developed a strong sense of color and shapes, making his work increasingly abstract. Though the reference to his earlier works – with street art influences and iconic cartoonish figures – can still be seen in the powerful explosions of form and color he uses today. The contemporary urban landscape serves as an infinite source of inspiration for Bode. He observes and interprets all kinds of shapes in each material: the unpredictable angles of modern skylines, shifting perspectives as you walk through the streets of the city, reflections in the water or the facade of a building, marks and signs on the road. 

Publication date: 03 / 09 / 2021