Photo: Eddy Kaijser

Fruits de Mer: a circular work of art with residents from the neighbourhood

Traditional knitting and crocheting in 2021 is done with waste plastic. In the coming months there will be crochet sessions at various locations in the Oude Noorden where residents will make crochet works with waste plastic from the Rotte. And all these crochet works are brought together into a large circular art installation called Fruits de Mer. An appropriate name, although it will not be the classic range of seafood but a plastic reflection of it.

This week there were boat trips led by Plastic Whale. Local residents actively fished for plastic that had ended up in the Rotte. It was an active boat trip and it is the start of the circular flow to turn waste into something new. The plastic bags are washed, dried and cut into long ribbons. This is crocheted and knitted in the Oude Noorden.

Photo: Eddy Kaijser

Fruits de Mer is an art project by Eddy Kaijser (Studio ID Eddy). It focuses on the relationship between people and water. In addition, the project emphasizes the beauty of underwater nature. It is a completely different world compared to the world we know. It is an enchanting colorful world. It is also an ecosystem that is under severe pressure today. Warming, pollution and fishing damage the system. Fruits de Mer takes a critical look at the question of the influence of humans on water.

The results of the crochet works can be found in the art installation in the Oude Noorden from December. The exact location will be announced shortly.

Publication date: 19 / 10 / 2021