Fruits de Mer during Art Break in Hoek van Holland

On Sunday 26 September, The Hermit Crab will be officially opened on the beach at Rechtestraat, Hoek van Holland. The opening will take place on a festive day, during the Art Break Festival. Between 12.00 and 18.00 there are all kinds of activities and there is live music by Delidel Touch, Omar Ka and the Gelukszoekers. The opening of the artwork will be performed at 13.00 pm by Ineke Vos, area committee member Hoek van Holland.

Fruits de Mer & The Hermit Crab

The Hermit Crab is a new artwork made from plastic waste. Artist Eddy Kaijser has made a giant shell with plastic waste from the North Sea and the Rotte. The hermit crab consists of plastic found on the beach of Hoek van Holland. It is a participation process with enthusiastic residents from Hoek van Holland who participated in cleaning the beach. The result is an eye-catching work of art. The inside of the shell serves as a special exhibition space. There are several peep holes in the shell. You can see through this. Artist Stellata Koppe provides the interpretation. Stellata is a local artist who makes plastic burlap on the beach and turn it into art. With the opening of The Hermit Crab, her new work Elena also opens. This stranded mermaid calls for help in this plastic soup sea.


Fruits de Mer is an art project that focuses on the relationship between people and water. In addition, the project emphasizes the beauty of underwater nature. It is a completely different world compared to the world we know. It is an enchanting colorful world. It is also an ecosystem that is under severe pressure today. Warming, pollution and fishing damage the system. Fruits de Mer takes a critical look at the question of the influence of humans on water. The artwork sets a mirror to society and shows a reality where, at the hands of man, nature and pollution have fused together into monstrous creatures. It is the birth of the Fruits de Mer. They are exaggerated sea shells, which did not arise naturally, but are the result of masses of floating plastic. Their size is unnatural, just like their origin: the plastic mountains in our water.


Support and cooperation: Municipality of Rotterdam (Hoek van Holland and Stadsbeheer), Elise Mathildefonds, BKOR/CBK R'DAM, St Volkskracht, St Droom en Daad, St 10tegen1, Stellata Koppe, Desurfschool, Grondstofjutters, Cultuur Concrete, culture director HvH, Plastic Whale Rotterdam, We Are Nature, Community Plastics, Helma Vlemmings, Jasper de Gelder and the Art Break Festival.


Fruits de Mer – The Hermit Crab is a work of art by Studio ID Eddy – Eddy Kaijser

Publication date: 21 / 09 / 2021