Art Index Rotterdam

Information about exhibitions in the city

CBK Rotterdam works closely with Art Index Rotterdam. We support the organization in promoting exhibitions and art events in the city through their website and the brochure that is produced and widely distributed four times a year.

Art tours

Our tour partner Art Index Rotterdam has developed inspiring thematic do-it-yourself Art Walks over the past year. A safe but also special way to experience art on the street.

In the updated Florentine Hofman Art Walk the focus has shifted to West. Via Museum Park – Black Crow (2006), Schiemond – Five paper boats (2010), Merwe-Vierhaven (Fake Me Hard until August 15, 2021), Forest fox (2020), Oud Mathenesse – with gems in the Landenbuurt, on to Schiedam for Hofmans Stadscocon (2021). The Stadscocon is a temporary installation, which can be experienced for free until October 1, 2021 in the nave of the Gothic Sint Janskerk at 37 Lange Kerkstraat in Schiedam.

In the spirit of 'young British artists', the unveiling of the 3.5 meter high bronze door at the head of Wilhelmina pier Gavin Turk Art Walk developed. A surprising topical walk from Wilhelminapier to Oud Charlois, which is about places, looking and seeing connections. Landing on South, a port in development, gazing over the river, narrative art and feel free to take the water taxi. Until July 31, 2021, an underwater walk in the Maastunnel is possible along more than 670 Public Works a nice finish on the way to the north bank.

De COOL Art Walk is a varied walk on the renovated Coolsingel. Follow the art and experience the history and future, architecture, greenery and urban development of this city boulevard that now offers space for cyclists and walkers. You come to surprising places, look around you with different eyes and on Wednesdays at 12 o'clock sharp you can see the performance artwork of Elmgreen and Dragset see in progress. Performance artist Wim Konings then brings the magic message, 'It is never too late to say sorry!'.

March 8, 2021 became The braid by Kalliopi Lemos added to the sculpture terrace along the Westersingel. A great occasion for a walk along a selection of street art made by female artists. Bluntly 'women' art in Rotterdam. Along the way you see a lot of art, which is not considered in order to make the imbalance between makers tangible. A round of 11 kilometers from north, to east, west and back to the center. Artist Judith van den Berg asks questions and especially for this walk, she chose two for you to reflect on along the way. Do you like to spread traces of your existence? Do you enjoy finding traces of the existence of others?


The free PDF walks can be downloaded at for walking or cycling. On request, they can now also be booked as a guided private walk or private bike tour with curator-art guide Anne-Marie Ros (maximum 10 people – Netherlands/English)