Jose Esteban Prieto - Gora Viva (1965). Photo: BKOR archive



Residents' meeting: Relocation of Hoogvliet artworks

In 2020, the municipality of Rotterdam started the redevelopment and greening of the city center of Hoogvliet. Since then, BKOR has been investigating whether it is possible to relocate a number of works of art in public space, with the aim of preserving the images for Hoogvliet's special art collection.

We are very happy that we have found a beautiful place for both the image in close collaboration with Stadsontwikkeling of the Municipality of Rotterdam Gora Viva (1979) by Jose Esteban Prieto, as a untitled sculpture (1965) made by Piet van Stuivenberg. Gora Viva will be placed in the City Park, diagonally opposite the entrance of the Dorpskerk at the Achterweg number 10. The sculpture by Van Stuivenberg will be placed opposite the Hoogvliet metro station, in the middle of the grass at the beginning of the Hoogvlietsedijk.

Piet van Stuivenberg – Untitled (1979). Photo: BKOR archive

The relocation of both statues is celebrated with an art walk along part of Hoogvliet's interesting sculpture collection. The marble sculpture by Piet van Stuivenberg forms the starting point of the walk. To make the statues shine extra in their new place, they are completely cleaned and waxed. We are looking forward to the placement and we hope you are too!

We are happy to explain our plans and planning verbally at a residents' meeting. We will also answer your questions there. This meeting will take place on Wednesday 17 November at 15.00 p.m. in De Aanbouw next to the Dorpskerk, Achterweg 12. We will also inform you in more detail about the art walk.

You're welcome!