Impression of the future placement

Art walk in honor of a new place for two sculptures in Hoogvliet

This fall will Gora Viva (1979) by Jose Esteban Prieto and the untitled sculpture (1965) by Piet van Stuivenberg will be given a new place at two beautiful locations in Hoogvliet. The relocation of these two works of art takes place in the context of the development and greening of the city center of Hoogvliet. BKOR, program of CBK Rotterdam, has intensively researched the relocation of these sculptures in close collaboration with Stadsontwikkeling, with the aim of preserving the sculptures for the special collection in Hoogvliet.

Festive art walk on Thursday 15 December

In honor of the placement of the two sculptures, we are organizing a short art walk along part of the Hoogvliet sculpture collection on Thursday 15 December at 15.00 p.m. The marble sculpture by Piet van Stuivenberg forms the starting point of the walk. We meet in front of Hoogvliet metro station. Afterwards we drink a cup of hot chocolate together. Register by Tuesday 13 December at the latest

Jose Esteban Prieto – 'Gora Viva'

The bronze sculpture Gora Viva (1979) by Esteban Prieto originally stood in the park at the entrance of Geriatric Center Breede Vliet. Due to the demolition of the building, the statue has been stored in a depot since 2019. A new location has been found for the work in the new Stadspark near the Dorpskerk. Here the image forms a beautiful and interesting addition to the current collection of images that is present there, such as Mother and child (1965) by Ek van Zanten and The primordial world of the animal compared to the synthetic world (1960) by Dick Elffers. This work by Elffers is a huge ceramic relief that was also replaced by BKOR in 2013. Unfortunately, little is known about the work and the Spanish artist Jose Esteban Prieto. Do you know more? Then contact us!

Piet van Stuivenberg – untitled

The self-titled artwork by Piet van Stuivenberg was placed in 1965 in a green flowerbed on the Zeeltplein/Meeuwenplaat. Due to the refurbishment of the square, the marble sculpture was removed and placed in 2010 at the new location of party center Flamingo at the request of the owner, who regularly cleaned the artwork at the old location. Since 2020, the work has been in storage at the request of the new owner. The artwork now finds its new home in the grass at the beginning of the Hoogvlietsedijk. When exiting Hoogvliet metro station, the sculpture is immediately visible and points the way to the center. As a stonemason, Piet van Stuivenberg (Schiedam, 1901-1988) made a number of sculptures for the public space of Rotterdam and Schiedam, including Dolle Jan's dream (1970) and a sculpture (1950) which is located at the Weena at the entrance of the formeralige Bouwcentrum.


BKOR (Visual Arts & Public Space) is a program of CBK Rotterdam. BKOR manages and develops art in the public space of Rotterdam.

Publication date: 05 / 12 / 2022