Book presentation 'Images' and opening Pop-up Sculpture Park

Sculptures. Urban embellishment in Rotterdam since 1940 en Uproot Rotterdam
Book presentation and opening of the pop-up sculpture park, Wednesday 1 June from 16: 00 hours in Het Nieuwe Instituut, and from 17: 30 hours in the Museum park.
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From 1 June to 21 August, Rotterdam is just one park richer, a pop-up sculpture park. In Uproot Rotterdam a group of works of art from the city comes together for a summer: the sculpture park tells the story of the exceptional 'post-bombardment' art policy of the municipality of Rotterdam. The sculpture park will be opened in the Museumpark on Wednesday 1 June.

The pop-up sculpture park Uproot Rotterdam is a project of Studio Makkink & Bey, commissioned by BKOR and Sculpture International Rotterdam (CBK Rotterdam). Uproot Rotterdam is organized within the framework of CBK Rotterdam Celebrates Art and the City, and is part of Rotterdam celebrates the city! This project is made possible in part by the municipality of Rotterdam.

CBK Rotterdam presents the book prior to this opening Sculptures. Urban embellishment in Rotterdam since 1940 in Het Nieuwe Instituut; a book by Siebe Thissen (head of BKOR) about the reconstruction in Rotterdam and the role that art played in it. The book contains a foreword by Sjarel Ex and a photo essay by Otto Snoek. (Publisher Jap Sam Books, design Studio Minke Themans, 22 x 28 cm, bound, 528 pages, € 37,50, ISBN: 978-94-90322-62-5,

Image report Sculptures and opening Pop-up Sculpture Park

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Program, Wednesday 1 June:
16: 00 hour at Het Nieuwe Instituut
The book presentation of Images. Urban embellishment in Rotterdam since 1940, with a review of the book Paul van de Laar, an interview with Siebe Thissen by Arie Lengkeek, a column by Dikie Scipio and the handing over of the first copy by Ove Lucas (director CBK Rotterdam) Bas van Leeuwen en Theo Laport.

17: 30 hour, in the Museumpark
The grand opening of Uproot Rotterdam, with an introduction by Ove Lucas, an explanation of Jurgen Bey (Studio Makkink & Bey) and the music piece 'End Performance - Alarm Symphony' (2011) based on an idea by Yuri Veermanperformed by the Fanfare orchestra Excelsior Rotterdam.

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