Two-part essay on 'Moments Contained'

On the occasion of the unveiling of Moments Contained writer, cultural programmer and organizer Simone Zeefuik wrote a two-part essay about love, silence and recognisability. “In the most beautiful cases, speechlessness results in a rethinking of the vocabularies we choose. Depending on the conversations we hope to have, it makes us think about an intentional use of it. What do we want to say? What do we mean and who do we mean by that? And, if we mean 'everyone'… who may symbolize that universality? Who can consider themselves recognizable? Who needs to have a reason? Who is allowed to be ordinary, without explanation and without having to earn it? Judging by the tears that flowed at Rotterdam Central on Friday 2 June during the placement ceremony of Moments Contained, the beautiful sculpture by British artist Thomas J Price, we have not been our own answer enough.”

Read more on the website of Sculpture International Rotterdam.

Publication date: 22 / 06 / 2023