The Asset of Art - Report

At the end of last year it took place an interactive webinar The Asset of Art place. In this webinar, the focus was on the question of how to maintain and strengthen the position of artists in a time when the art climate is changing rapidly. How can one get more out of the artistic, social and economic position and at the same time remain faithful to one's own vision? These questions are examined together with a series of (international) speakers.

You can read the report online in three parts:

  1. The socio-economic position of artists as a 'wicked problem'
    The Flemish sociologist Delphine Hesters conducted extensive research into the socio-economic position of artists. That is a 'wicked problem' that she tells more about here. An important subject for artists, "because it is good to have a grip on the reality in which you operate and to know the mechanisms within it."
  2. To shatter the myth of the suffering artist
    In his book Real Artists Don't Starve tries Jeff Goins to pierce the myth of the suffering and poor artist. He developed a method to free yourself from that myth as an artist. According to him, it is about making choices.
  3. How artists work together to strengthen their position
    How do artists survive in an art world that demands a lot from them and is not accessible enough for many to live on? There are many examples of how artists approach this, individually or in artist initiatives, in the Netherlands and abroad. Art is a Guaranty went looking and found a number of initiatives.
Publication date: 09 / 02 / 2021