VETGEDRUKT is a non-profit online shop for books by makers with Rotterdam as their home and work base. We look forward to bringing together an organically growing collection of diverse publications, reflecting the concentrated creativity that can be found in Rotterdam. The shop is a showcase for a current selection of book projects, artistic research publications, editions, magazines, zines, photo books and poetry. It may be an independent production or a collaboration with a publisher, as long as your artistic vision and involvement are central.

VETGEDRUKT is an initiative of TENT and an extension of the book range that has been available at TENT for twenty years.

Do you want to be part of the online book platform? Then check the conditions:

  • You are a maker or collective with Rotterdam as a home/work base.
  • Your publication is from after 2017.
  • Your personal vision and involvement are paramount.
  • Your issue has a retail price below €50.

If your book is selected, we will purchase 5 copies.

Send your proposal with your contact details, brief information about yourself and your book, date of issue and the sale price to bold@tentrotterdam.nl

Ask? Contact Nadia & Marieke, bold@tentrotterdam.nl

Publication date: 16 / 12 / 2021