Together with Ewald x Ross we organize On that bike*, a bicycle tour for Rotterdam artists along artist initiatives in the city. We take a look behind the scenes of various initiatives to find out more about how they work and discuss (possible) similarities with our own art practice. Exchange is central: visitors and the initiatives can ask each other questions. The bike tour passes three initiatives, lasts approximately three hours and ends with a drink at one of the locations. The tour is not only informative, but also a great opportunity for networking! During the third edition on Wednesday, October 25, 2023, we will visit various initiatives in North Rotterdam: TimeWindow, Neck of the Woods III and Ballon Rouge.


TimeWindow is a collective of fifty artists in an old office building in ZOHO, rooted in performance art and branching out into other disciplines, from dance to digital art and from musical theater to fashion. TimeWindow started in 2015 as an experimental festival and has now grown into a biotope, a self-organizing place for talent development based on time, trust and transparency and personal initiative. The platform creates collective solutions for the individual needs of the artists involved and also organizes public events.

Neck of the Woods III

Neck of the Woods III (NOTW) is housed in the former office building of OMA in the form of temporary management. NOTW includes studios and an exhibition space, both initiated and run by artist and curator Johannes Steendam. In addition to a varied exhibition program, performances are also organized with local, Dutch and international artists with striking titles such as 'Fear', 'Inspiration' but also 'War for breakfast'.

Balloon Rouge

Ballon Rouge is a studio and exhibition space in a former shop building. In addition, it is a foundation that aims to bring photographers, artists and creative makers together and create an inspiring meeting place in North Rotterdam. The foundation facilitates collaborations and offers artists, in addition to work and exhibition space, advice, whether it concerns finances or the development of new work.

Practical Information

What: On that bike #3, cycle tour past art initiatives in North Rotterdam
When: Wednesday 25 October 2023
What time: 15.00:18.00 PM – 14.45:XNUMX PM (meet at XNUMX:XNUMX PM)
Starting point: TimeWindow, Teilingerstraat 120, Rotterdam
Transport: with your own bicycle, rental bicycle or public transport bicycle (nearest location: Rotterdam Central Station)
Language: Dutch English
For whom: Rotterdam artists with diverse practices and stages in their career.


Due to a limited number of places, registration is appreciated. Send an email with your name to (If there are too many registrations, artists registered with the Art Office will be given priority for participation.)

* 'On that bike' is a translation of the Rotterdam Expression 'Op die Fiets', which means as much as a way of doing things. Literally, “on that bicycle”, modeled after that manner (“in that manner, that way”), where mode (“manner, way”) is replaced with bicycle (“bicycle”). The phrase originates from Rotterdam, but has since spread. Source: Wikipedia

Statue: Petra Laaper – On that bike #1

Publication date: 10 / 10 / 2023