Photo: Aad Hoogendoorn

Publication: Erasmus statue 400 years | 400 years of the Rotterdam City Collection

When visiting the symposium Erasmus statue 400 years | 400 years of the Rotterdam City Collection you will also receive a publication celebrating the 400th anniversary. It contains contributions by the speakers Ronald van Raak (professor of Erasmus University), Frits Scholten (curator of the Rijksmuseum), Sandra Smets (journalist, art critic), Siebe Thissen (historian, philosopher) and Annet Zondervan (director CBK Zuidoost) and also a special folioscope of the Erasmus statue consisting of photos by Jannes Linders. The publication is available after the symposium for € 10 at the bookshop of TENT Rotterdam and Kunstinstituut Melly.


ISBN 978-90-9035961-8 Editor-in-chief Esther Didden, Sanetje van Haarst Contributions from Ronald van Raak, Frist Scholten, Sandra Smets, Siebe Thissen, Annet Zondervan, Jannes Linders Editors Esther Didden, Sanetje van Haarst Image editing & research Sannetje van Haarst, Nienke Post Final editing Xandra Nibbeling Translation Marie Louise Schoondergang Graphic design Jeanine van Berkel printing company tripiti Number of pages 252 Book dimensions 12x17 inch Binding softcover Language Dutch English Publication date to April 29, 2022

This publication is also available in an English language version. Release date will be announced shortly.


Publication date: 25 / 04 / 2022