Interactive roadmaps

Today, BKOR and Sculpture International Rotterdam are launching six interactive, online walking routes, each visiting a selection of the Rotterdam sculpture collection within its own theme. The routes are now accessible for your mobile phone without having to download an app. Go to, select the route you want to walk and see where you are on the map. This makes it very easy to follow the route. You can also choose where to start your art route: from the beginning, in the middle or at the end? Everything is possible! Stroll through the city and discover everything about Rotterdam's rich sculpture collection.

BKOR and SIR developed the first art route in 2013. In recent years, five routes have been added, each of which focuses on a specific area or theme. So brings Art route Rotterdam, from Westersingel to Wilhelminapier you travel from North to South via thirty works of art: past the sculpture terrace on the Westersingel over the Maas and finally to the Wilhelminapier.  Art route Feijenoord monumental focuses on works of art with the themes of labour, port and migration. Art route Hoogvliet is a route along sixteen works of art and the many green areas of the district. There is also the Light route Rotterdam which shows a selection of illuminated architecture, neon lines and works of art related to light.

Until now, the art routes were offered as fold-out maps, some editions of which are still available at the offices of Rotterdam Tourist Info. Since this spring we have been offering all route maps as PDFs, so that they can be viewed online and printed if desired. But as of today, printing is no longer necessary, because via the website BKOR's route maps can now also be used with a mobile phone.

Graphic design: 75B
Technical realization: PMS72

Publication date: 20 / 07 / 2023