Behrang Mousavi and Ninotchka de Windt strengthen Supervisory Board of CBK Rotterdam

The Rotterdam municipal executive has appointed Behrang Mousavi and Ninotchka de Windt as new members of the Supervisory Board of CBK Rotterdam. As chairman of the Supervisory Board of CBK Rotterdam, Mousavi is the successor to Prof. Dr. Tineke Bahlmann, who has held this position since 2014. In addition to the new members, the Supervisory Board also consists of Erica van Engel, Irene Pronk, Karin Arink and Ghasem Nosrati.

Behrang Mousavi (1969) has been Head of the National Collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut since 2010. As a manager within the museum sector, he is familiar with policy developments in this field and all aspects associated with an organization such as CBK Rotterdam. In addition, Mousavi has extensive administrative experience (including at the ICAM Foundation and the Vedute Foundation) and experience as a committee member at, among others, the Mondriaan Fund and the AFK. Mousavi was also a member of the circle of advisors at the Council for Culture between 2016-2020.

Mousavi sees a big challenge ahead of him. “Inclusive and public leadership, providing added value to society – these are key concepts for me. As an important organization at the pivotal point for Rotterdam artists and the public, CBK Rotterdam has major tasks ahead of it. I like to use my qualities for that.”

Ninotchka de Windt (1982) has extensive expertise in HR management, business administration, talent development and entrepreneurship. She currently works as a branch manager at Jumbo in Rotterdam-West and has board experience through Rotterdam Pride and the MOKCU Foundation.

Managing Director Ove Lucas of CBK Rotterdam is very happy with the new council members. “We can make good use of this reinforcement in today's complex time with an uncertain future. With our renewed Supervisory Board, we can take another step forward, for artists and for our work in the public space of Rotterdam.”

Publication date: 15 / 09 / 2022