14 key works in Rotterdam

Mid-March made the magazine for visual artists BK information their list of 100 key works is known. On the basis of hundreds of lectures from the country, a committee made a list of key works of visual art in public space. Of the 100 key works, no fewer than 13 are (or were) in Rotterdam, one of the special mentions is a Rotterdam work in public space. In chronological order:

  • The destroyed city, Ossip Zadkine (1953)
  • Wall Relief # 1, Henry Moore (1955)
  • Monsieur Jacques, Oswald Wenchebach (1956)
  • untitled, Naum Gabo (1957)
  • untitled, Louis van Roode (1958)
  • untitled, Karel Appel (1970)
  • Concrete relief, karla Kaper (1970)
  • Maas image, Auke de Vries (1982)
  • Melly Shum hates her job, Ken Lum (1990)
  • Santa Claus, Paul McCarthy (2001)
  • AVL-Ville, Joep van Lieshout (2001)
  • Something about Charlois, Kamiel Verschuren (2001)
  • Slave monument Clave, Alex da Silva (2013)
  • The Zandwacht, Observatory (2015)
  • special mention: no title, Teun Jacob and Kees Verschuren (1979)

In addition to the list of 100 key works, it is also possible to submit your own work for the website Sleutelwerken.nl. In this way, BK information hopes to offer a growing overview of art in public spaces in the Netherlands. The new uploads also contain a lot of Rotterdam works.

For the above works and much more art in Rotterdam's public space, also visit bkor.nl en sculptureinternationalrotterdam.nl

Add a work here: Sleutewerken.nl

Publication date: 07 / 04 / 2020