06/10/2016 — 04/12/2016

The Back Room - Esma Yiğitoğlu

The artist Esma Yiğitoğlu (Zincidere, 1944 - Rotterdam, 2009), born and raised in a liberal, intellectual environment in Turkey, left for Rotterdam at the age of seventeen to study at the Academy of Visual Arts. Until her death in 2009 she was active as a visual artist in Rotterdam. In addition to her artistry, she worked for a better social position for Turkish Dutch people.

TENT and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen jointly show in the four-part solo exhibition series The Back Room underexposed but iconic Rotterdam artists. Curator Noor Mertens presents work by an older generation of artists in the context of TENT's current programming. The work of artist Esma Yiğitoğlu is central to TENT this fall and is also the last edition of the collaboration.