Singing Machine & Velicon

An afternoon around two special instruments: Jasna Veličković performs her Opera of Things on the Velicon and Martin Riches demonstrates his Singing Machine
Free access.

Jasna Veličković performs her Opera of Things
The electro-acoustic instrument Velicon consists of a metal plate with magnetic figures. By moving a coil over the magnets, the performer makes their magnetic fields audible and makes their 'voices' sound. Veličković makes the 'voices' of power adapters or remote controls audible in a related way.
The title of this work refers to the 'internet of things' in which everyday objects such as a lamp or thermostat are also connected to the internet.

De Singing Machine from Martin Riches
Artist Martin Riches and composer Tom Johnson present a joint installation in the Post-Opera exhibition. Riches plays the aria The Audition, which Johnson wrote for this artificial voice. Riches' fascination for mechanism voice synthesis resulted in instruments such as his Talking Machine and MotorMouth. His Singing Machine has an octave range and can sing vowels (a, e, i, o, u). With a stream of air, a vibrating larynx and a moving tongue and lips a song is produced without involving a human body.

This event is part of the Post-Opera exhibition. You can read more about this here.