25/07/2015 — 11/10/2015

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #5

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #5 shows by photographer Robert de Hartogh Summer carnival, the first years. De Hartogh is one of the few photographers in the Netherlands who has made visible the development of economic migration since the early 1984s. When the Summer Carnival was first held in 15.000, it attracted over 750.000 visitors. Now, more than thirty years later, the Summer Carnival street parade is considered one of the largest events in the Netherlands with more than XNUMX visitors. The event has always remained true to its Caribbean roots. The photos that De Hartogh took in the early years of the Summer Carnival show a new and colorful Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Cultural Histories is a collaboration between TENT and Witte de With, with which the common roots in Rotterdam are explored and thus show the common ground between the programs of both presentation institutions. Rotterdam Cultural Histories #5 was set up by Mariette Dölle (artistic director TENT) and Defne Ayas (director Witte de With). This fifth edition has been compiled by Mariette Dölle and Robert de Hartogh, and was created as a result of the exhibitions On The Other Side Of Reality in TENT and NO HUMANS INVOLVED in Witte de With.

Up to and including 11 October 2015
Sunday 13 September 14.00 hour, Artist Talk in TENT, at the time of the Art festival in the Witte de With quarter.