Radio Calling

TENT presents the second episode of Radio Calling, a series about the relationship between (online) radio broadcast and (live) performance in collaboration with Camden Arts Center London. This episode brings artists, curators and theoreticians together in an intensive program around the concept of 'liveness': the simultaneous presence of maker and audience, not necessarily in one place.
With contributions from Tate Modern performance curator Capucine Perrot (FR / UK), Professor Philip Auslander (US, Georgia Institute of Technology) and new performances by Lucy Beech & Edward Thomasson (UK), Camilla Wills & Jane Fawcett (UK) and Timmy van Zoelen (NL) and of the Open Call participants Toon Fibbe (NL), Max Dovey (UK / NL), Cecilia Vallejos (AR / NL) and Georg Bohle (NL). Daan Samson (NL) reports via radio from Alaçatı, Turkey, radio meditation sessions with Jasper Griepink (NL), Radio Voicemail with Floris Visser (NL) and DJ Ben Penn plays records. The lectures, performances, a master class and artist talks are performed and broadcast live.

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