Museum park


DJEEMA EL FNA Eetplein festival on Friday 23 September 2016
Rotterdam Museum Park: Fountain, 22: 00 hour

SHÉHÉREZADE is a live performance by opera singer Lotte Bovi in ​​collaboration with singer and multi-instrumentalist Serhat Aydogan and students of the Codarts. The performance will be the opening act are from the Djeema El Fna festival.

Video artist Marieke van der Lippe and 3d mapping specialist Olivier Scheffer made the visuals, which are projected large onto the monumental floating dress by Lotte Bovi.
The performance is based on the composition of the same name by Maurice Ravél from 1903. Ravél's original score has been adapted into a new composition that moves from conventional classical to modern music full of Arabic rhythms and harmonies. The 3D projections are inspired by Arabic ornamentation and European modern art.

After a successful international premiere, the show will have its European premiere at Djeema El Fna Rotterdam in May of this year, on Friday 23 September 2016.

Marieke van der Lippe received a R&D contribution for this project.