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Gabosingers during North Sea Round Town

Event: 24 / 06 / 2016 - 10 / 07 / 2016
Location: Coolsingel, Rotterdam

Sculpture International Rotterdam has been paying tribute to ZT (1957) every Friday afternoon for the past two years, and the worldwide famous statue of American Russian artist Naum Gabo. Gabo made this work for De Bijenkorf and gave the city of Rotterdam that was still in ruins in those years a symbol of courage, hope and future. It is one of the most fascinating images in the public space of Western Europe. Unfortunately also, due to years of neglect, a crying image.

The Gabosingers will join in the coming Fridays North Sea Round Town (24 June -10 July). North Sea Round Town is the annual fringe festival from North Sea Jazz that settles in Rotterdam with a free and varied program, with the best that Rotterdam has to offer in jazz. At dozens of locations: in your street, in unexpected places, pop-ups and large jazz venues.

Radio Stories
Friday 24 June 2016, from 17: 00 - 18: 00 hour
On Friday 24 June, Sculpture International Rotterdam will be spending a musical story concert during North Sea Round Town Radio Stories, as a lament / tribute to the heavily neglected sculpture ZT “57 by Naum Gabo. The Rotterdam band Radio Stories -This time represented by Urvin Doornkamp (drum / percussion), Rushan West (bass guitar) and Jean Selite Ansjeliena (keys) has enjoyed his musical education in the church. With Caribbean, jazz and gospel influences Radio Stories a clear yet swinging story, with which they won the Music Matters award 1,5 years ago.

Duo van Brug
Friday 1 July 2016, from 17: 00 - 18: 00 hour

On Friday 1 July 2016, Sculpture International Rotterdam will perform an extra long performance by the Gabosingers during North Sea Round Town: Duo van Brug is a contemporary Jazz Duo represented by Wietse Voermans (alto sax) and Neus Kaori (keyboard). Their diverse musical background brought them together. In their compositions they bring different concepts, and in the meantime they question the aesthetics of Jazz; What is Jazz nowadays? What is her beauty? Are we free to make our own choices in this? Voermans and Kaori are convinced that ZT Van Naum Gabo must be preserved so that the sculpture as a symbol of reconstruction makes us more aware of the events of the past.

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Forest polder fox, Florentijn Hofman, Schiedamseweg, 2020. Photo: Otto Snoek

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