Club Imagine 7 / 7: Lust

On Thursday 28 June at 17.00 hours, TENT and Theater Rotterdam present a special edition of Club Imagine around the exhibition of Esther Kokmeijer.

Club Imagine searches with imagination for answers to issues about the climate crisis. The coming edition is all about lust: what will await us when pleasure and desire become our compass? Can we radically change our relationship with the world? Finding a way to stop putting ourselves always at the center, and to merge into the big world where many times, phases and situations exist at the same time?

Club Imagine is a series of in-depth events around the theatrical performances of Imagine route which is organized by Theater Rotterdam. Club Imagine is there every six weeks, on Thursdays between five and seven and departs from the hall of Theater Rotterdam, location Schouwburg. This season Club Imagine is all about the Seven deadly sins.

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