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Book presentation: Ger van Iersel - Monumental artist

Who is Ger van Iersel?
Ger van Iersel (1923) grew up in Rotterdam, experienced the bombing and worked as an artist on reconstruction with architects. Now, 57 years after the bombing, his art is still part of life in the city.

About the book presentation
The author, Frederik Haver Droeze, will provide an explanation of the creation of the book and Siebe Thissen, head of BKOR (Visual Arts and Public Space), who wrote a preface, will place the work in the light of the reconstruction art in Rotterdam. The first copy is then issued.

Fragments from 'A portrait of an old artist, the city and the empty heart', the film that Jan Dirk Schouten made in 2007 about Ger van Iersel, will be screened. In addition, a small exhibition has been set up about the work of Ger van Iersel. Afterwards there is an opportunity for a drink and a snack.

Tue. 6 Oct. 2015, 15.00 hour, location: de Heuvel, Grotekerkplein 5, Oppert entrance (next to the glass-in-concrete window by Ger van Iersel).

The above photo of the glass-in-concrete work by Ger van Iersel comes from the website


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