Evening tour of window art in Pendrecht

New Reconstruction Window Art Pendrecht

16 juni 20:30-22:00
Melissantstraat 21-50 (3086 XJ, near metro station Slinge Pendrecht)

During Charlois Speciaal a joint walk is made along three different window art projects in Pendrecht. The projects were each made possible by CBK Rotterdam. The artists involved will be present during the walk for explanation and discussion. Afterwards there is a drink and video presentation at the Bad foundation at Talingstraat 5, 3082 MG Rotterdam.

Pendrecht is undergoing a new reconstruction in which art plays an important role. Near the Slinge metro station, three major framework projects have recently been carried out:

  1. Raamvertellingen (2009; commissioned by Woonstad Rotterdam, Van Schagen Architecten and CBK Rotterdam, with work by Sarianne Breuker, Anuli Croon, Stang Gubbels, Milou van Ham, Ben Zegers led by Olphaert den Otter)
  2. Silhouettes of a Portico (2015-2016, commissioned by Vestia Feijenoord and with support from CBK Rotterdam, with work by Kamiel Verschuren & Pauline Schreurs)
  3. Worlds of… / Worlds of… (2015-2018, commissioned by Woonstad Rotterdam and with support from CBK Rotterdam by Thijs Ewalts, Laurien Dumbar, Tom Gallant & Kamiel Verschuren.
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