North Island

10.000 Steps Art Walk Noordereiland and Kop van Zuid

Join the 22 Steps Art Walk on Sunday, October 10.30 at 10.000:XNUMX am led by art guide Anne-Marie Ros. Together we walk from the Boompjes via the Noordereiland to Katendrecht, looking at the art on the street with different eyes. The recently restored one wall painting (1996) by Anton Vrede, Motor ship Noordereiland (2000) by Joe Cillen and Lives 10.000 bricks (2022) by Martine Herman are highlighted, among others. Anne-Marie introduces walkers to the recent history of Kop van Zuid through smooth explanations of the public art. The walk ends in the Verhalenhuis Belvérdère where the artist Anton Vrede is working.

Date Sunday 22 October 2023
Time 10:30 AM – approx. 13:30 PM/14 PM
Starting point tree
End point at Verhalenhuis Belvedere
Costs €10 pp (TIKKIE) + excl. drinks along the way
Language Dutch (English summary)

This 10.000 Steps Art Walk is now fully booked.
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