Center for Visual Arts (CBK) Rotterdam has been a General Benefit Institution (ANBI) since 2014 and complies with the list of data below with the digital publication obligation associated with this status.

Official name

Foundation for Visual Arts
RSIN: 815038926

Contact details

Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam


CBK Rotterdam aims to strengthen the cultural climate in Rotterdam by playing an active role in the combination of production, presentation, demand and marketing of products and services in the field of visual culture, and in particular the visual arts, and to make this accessible to the widest possible audience in the broad sense.

Main points of the policy plan

CBK Rotterdam is the central point for art, artists and the public in Rotterdam. With exhibitions, local and international art in public spaces, projects, commissions, support and investment schemes, it brings the visual arts, the city, artists and the public into contact with each other. In this way, CBK Rotterdam stimulates, presents, protects, supports and underlines the artistic climate and the vital role of artists and visual arts for and in the city of Rotterdam. It does this as a reliable partner, as an expert counselor and advisor and as an innovative entrepreneur through three coherent programs:

1) ArtOffice
Support visual artists with regard to professional practice and entrepreneurship
2) Public Space Collection
Vision of and care for the Public Space Rotterdam Collection (including Visual Art Public Space and Sculpture International Rotterdam)
3) Presentations
Exhibitions and activities in the exhibition stage TENT

Annual Review

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Financial responsibility

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Driver composition

Managing Director: Mr O. Lucas

Supervisory Board

Behrang Mousavi – Chairman
Karin Arink
Erica Angel
Ghasem Nosratic
Irene Pronk
Ninotchka de Windt

The members of the Supervisory Board receive a compensation of € 1.000 per year, including travel expenses.

Remuneration policy

The permanent employees of CBK Rotterdam including the director-director are paid according to the municipal remuneration rules (CAR-UWO).

Governance Code Culture

We subscribe to the Governance Code Culture.


Standard Form ANBI CBK 2020