Photo: Luis Xertu, A Life in the Woods

R&D awards round 1 (2022)

In the first round of R&D (subsidy Development & Research for Rotterdam artists) by 2022, 22 of the 73 applications have been granted. A total of € 701.769,00 was made. 22 requested. The 22 approved applications concern an amount of 218.207,00.   

Daniel Giles – Josephine's
Research with the never realized house of entertainer Josephine Baker, designed in 1927 by Adolf Loos, as a starting point.

Luis Xertu -A Life in the Woods
Research and develop a series of paintings and ceramics to eventually work towards a solo exhibition with TORCH Gallery.

Simon Schrikker – Material research for larger spatial work
Experimenting with types of material, research into the transience of the material and inflating proportions.

Diana Al-Halabic – Famine and Hunger Strikes: Decolonizing the Digestive System
A research-based art project that will take the form of an exhibition featuring a film essay, publication and re-imagining of Al-Halabi's latest performance The Last Supper or a Class in History.

Lucy Cordes Engelman – She who is close to the SALT/SEA
Research into what it means to develop a handmade book and to incorporate the narrative and historical research it contains into a film of the same name.

Yunjoo Kwak -
Unfinished Odyssey III: Homecoming or Black Tiger (working title)
Research that takes the history of Dutch military architecture as a starting point for reflection on geopolitical narratives between the Netherlands, Indonesia and Korea.

Domas Anne van Wijk - chasing the autonomous spell
An investigation into Van Wijk's production process that enables her to continue her hunt for the autonomous feeling in mechanical technology.

Saroji Lewis -
Recitation Footsteps
Lewis works towards a multimedia installation by applying four creative actions that are reflected in her work, such as video, photography and performance.

Sandra Golubjevaite -
A critical reflection on the existing digital communication and live streaming platforms: tools that have become an ubiquitous part of our daily lives and many artist practices during the pandemic.

Klaar van der Lippe – AGORA|ARENAI
With short interventions and mini performances in the public space, AGORA|ARENAI create an alternative visual source of information and views on political topics.

Muxingye Chen - Doppelganger
Audiovisual research on how we unconsciously bring digital experiences to the physical world and how virtual counterparts of a living individual have been constructed by online platforms that have marginalized most of the physical identity.

Ying Liu - Encyclopedia or motional Meditation Practices - 100. artistic methods of turning Life into a field of mindfulness
Research into making an encyclopedia on “motional mediation” actions in different aspects of an everyday artistic life.

Toine Horvers – Wind directions
In his series on temporal/spatial works, Horvers examines the polyphony in his performance art that revolves around circular movements.

Honey Jones Hughes – Speculations in Aquaculture
Research into the speculative role of seaweed in the Netherlands, which will lead to the production of a documentary video work.

Michaela Lakova -
Altered Voices (working title)
Research project on the concept of 'damnatio memoriae', the art of forgetting in relation to the collective memory.

Aqueene Wilson – A Manifestation of Wholeness
In contemporary photography and the visual arts, the lack of a nuanced understanding and fair representation of the black woman is still present. Because where her humanity is invisible, the hyper-visibility of the black woman is still framed by stereotypical narratives that are focused on the sexualization of the black body.  A manifestation of Wholeness is a search for new and healthier alternatives based on self-reflection.

John Brown – Mike
Compiling, designing and publishing de Bruin's first photo book with the theme of his Mayke and her relationship to him.

Stefany Karghotis – There is no wind at all
Research into the identity of the refugee. How does a person identify with the term refugee and what role does generational transfer play in this?

Jeanne van Heeswijk – Social Practice Library
Van Heeswijk investigates how to archive an extensive and diverse collection of sources in a critical and progressive manner and make them accessible to the general public.

Janis Dzirnieks – AASTD (Assembly As Accessibility Stimulating Thermoregulatory Device)
In this project I want to understand whether thermoregulation hardware patterns and construction law can be used as a visual and conceptual metaphor for the current state of late capitalism.

Janneke van der Putten – Cycles: research in night and day rhythm as a basis for the creative process
Exploring how physical and sensory awareness direct our actions, pointing out the ways we have to connect with our environment, to stay in the present, to bypass outer or conceptualized clocks based on economic, functional and linear time patterns .

Barbara Palandeng – Munsel, Incomplete Worn Time
Through experimental research, Palandeng focuses on overturning prejudice and other limiting ideas about 'style'.