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March 2019

See and do this month:
Hold on, it's almost spring! In addition to the emerging greenery, there is plenty to see again in the coming period. You can go to TENT for an exhibition, book presentation and workshops on the question 'Where does culture happen? ' You also come across a lot of news on the street, such as the three artworks by RoRo Outside, and the recently installed neon graffiti from Libia and Ólafur on the silo of AVL Mundo on the Keileweg. On the websites of BKOR en Sculpture International Rotterdam you can read more about our Rotterdam art collection: also take a look at the recently added section 'Paintings'for a fresh look at the facades of Rotterdam.
Where does culture happen?
through 07 / 04 / 19 in TENT
In an exhibition and subsequent events under the title "Where does culture happen?" various makers and creatives in Rotterdam are investigating how new social and cultural connections arise. In addition to, and sometimes in collaboration with, existing institutions, they develop events and ways of working in which they can be themselves and find each other.
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Book launch | Where does culture happen?
23 / 03 / 19 in TENT
In a new publication by TENT and the Tate Modern's Young People's Program, makers from Rotterdam and London provide answers to the question 'Where does culture happen?'. The publication is presented in a lively public program with music, film, presentations and workshops on Saturday 23 March.
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'In Sense' with Amenti MoveMeant
24 / 03 / 19 in TENT
Especially for the exhibition in TENT 'Where does culture happen?'Amenti MoveMeant developed the' In Sense 'workshop. Come to terms with yourself on a Sunday morning and participate in this session before opening time at TENT with a small club (max 16 participants). Experience how you can get closer to others and yourself through movement and awareness.
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RoRo Outside
opening: 31 / 03 / 19
Three new works of art in public space every six months: that is RoRo Buiten. Three new works of art will be in Rotterdam on 31 March festively revealed with a free musical walk along the various locations. Rowan van As, Floris Visser and Wietse Eeken created new artworks for this edition.
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Staying in Rotterdam
premiere: 31 / 03 / 19
Marieke van der Lippe and Rosh Abdelfatah made a film about the lives of Syrian refugees in Rotterdam. The film has its world premiere during the Arab Film Festival 2019 in LantarenVenster, and is then accessible for free. The makers received an investment contribution for the development of this film.
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Rotterdam artists in Berlin
up to and including 15 / 04 / 19
In the Kunstverein am Rosa – Luxembourg – Platz in Berlin, work by two Rotterdam artists can now be seen. Clementine Edwards shows an installation in the group exhibition Law of the Instrument, and received an Incidental Contribution Abroad for this. Also to be seen in this Kunstverein: work by Rotterdam artist Babette Kleijn.
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Public favorites and Orphan images
up to and including 31 / 03 / 19
Art in public space often causes controversy, but this edition of Rotterdam Cultural Histories tells a completely different story. The exhibition, which can still be seen until 31 March, shows how Rotterdammers cherish the images in their city, lobby for them or adopt them if necessary.
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CBK Fonds Kwadraat extended and expanded
In 2014, CBK Rotterdam established a registered fund within Fonds Kwadraat: CBK Fonds Kwadraat. Artists from Rotterdam who are registered with CBK Rotterdam and artists from Rotterdam can apply to supplement the financing of a project with an interest-free loan. The collaboration was recently extended and the amount invested was increased from 50.000 to 65.000 Euro.
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video portraits
Rotterdam artists in the picture
Following Art Rotterdam 2019, we asked Mirjam Somers and Bas Czerwinksi to make short film portraits of three Rotterdam artists. In collaboration with Nicole Sciarone, they visited Pendar Nabipour, Priscila Fernandes and Robert Glas and portrayed them as part of a project for which they recently received an R&D grant.
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new in Rotterdam
ThE rIGHT TO RighT / WrOnG (2019)
Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson
THE RIGHT TO RIGHT / WORK from Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson can be seen since February at the silo of AVL Mundo on the Keileweg. The flashing neon graffiti alternately reads ThE rGHT tO Right, ThE rGHT tO WrOnG and a new 'word' that combines RighT and WrOnG. This creates the impression of a mystery or paradox. What is right? What is freedom?
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Restoration of the painting in Overschie
A painting and frame on a facade at De Lugt in Overschie will soon be renewed. The artwork was made in 1993 by order of the then corporation Onze Woning (now Woonbron). This is a painting of the photo Curtain (1991) from photographer Helena van der Kraan and will be performed again by Atelier Leo Mineur.
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CBK Rotterdam X Science Gallery Rotterdam
The Science Gallery Rotterdam opened in January 2019. In this gallery, connected to Erasmus University Rotterdam, new forms of collaboration between scientists and visual artists are organized and shown. CBK Rotterdam is part of the advisory and program council for this new exhibition space.
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