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Art Rotterdam Week 2019

Art Rotterdam Week X CBK Rotterdam
06 / 02 - 10 / 02
The IFFR has only just begun (especially miss the short van Mels van Zutphen about the restoration of 'the Gabo'!) or we are already preparing for the Art Rotterdam Week. In addition to the exhibition at the Van Nelle Factory, many events take place at our premises in TENT or elsewhere in the city. We are proud of the enormous diversity that Rotterdam artists and collectives are showing this week and can look forward to 'new' art in the public space. follow us on Facebook en Instagram for regular reminders and updates!
artist talk
CBK Rotterdam X Art Rotterdam
Reflection room: 07 / 02, 15: 00 hour
CBK Rotterdam is organizing an artist talk at Art Rotterdam on Friday afternoon 7 February with contributions from Pendar Nabipour, Priscila Fernandes, Robert Glas en Nicola Sciarone and film portraits of the artists by Mirjam Somers and Bas Czerwinski. Later that afternoon we will take a bus to TENT where the Dolf Henkes Prize 2019 will be awarded.
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award ceremony
Dolf Henkes Price 2019
TENT: 07 / 02, doors open at 18: 00 hours
The artists Roxette Capriles, Priscila Fernandes, Emma van der Leest en Evelyn Taocheng Wang have been nominated for the Dolf Henkes Prize 2019. This prize is awarded every two years to an iconic Rotterdam artist. On Thursday 7 February 2019 the winner will be announced at 19: 00 hours. The work of the nominees can be seen in TENT until 10 February.
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Apropos Art
design Ben Laloua / Didier Pascal
CBK Rotterdam compiled an English-language magazine on the occasion of Art Rotterdam 2019. In Apropos Art fourteen artists from Rotterdam who recently received a contribution under the Research & Development (R&D) scheme show their work. Apropos Art is presented during the artist talk that CBK Rotterdam organizes during Art Rotterdam.
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At home at TENT: Ibrahim Alaoui
TENT: 08 / 02, 18: 30 hours
Program maker Gyonne Goedhoop invited ten Rotterdam makers and the public to explore what identity means today. Multi-perspective is central to this. With sounds from different experiences, experiences and thoughts that do not sound the same but are equally valuable.
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Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson artwork on the AVL-Mundo façade
AVL-Mundo: 08 / 02, 17: 00 hours
The artwork THE RIGHT TO RIGHT / WORK was from Libia Castro en Ólafur lafsson can be seen from the silo of AVL-Mundo from 7 February. During Art Rotterdam on Friday 8 February between 17.00 and 18.00 hours you are more than welcome to bring a toast together with the artists to the launch of this new work in public space.
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free evening opening
Art evening XL
Witte de Withstraat: 08 / 02, 18: 00 - 23: 00 hour
The art evening takes extra time during Art Rotterdam Week: on Friday evening you can walk in for free from 18: 00 - 23: 00 hours at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, V2, WORM, MAMA en TENT. There is also a free tour that will take you to these institutions in high speed, which leaves at 19: 00 hours from the desk of Witte de With / TENT (Witte de Withstraat 50).
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Rotterdam Cultural Histories #15
Public favorites and Orphan images
TENT: up to 17 / 03
Art elitist? No, it is not! In Rotterdam Cultural Histories is to see how Rotterdammers cherish the images in their city, lobby for them and take action, and adopt them if necessary. It zooms in on 'Jan Gat' (the popular name for Ossip Zadkine's The destroyed city), "Kabouter Buttplug" (the nickname for Paul McCarthy's) Santa Claus) and De Witte Bollen Foundation.
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exhibitions & open studios
Rotterdam artists
06 / 02 - 10 / 02
The work of Rotterdam artists can also be seen in other places in the city. This is how work by Hans van der Ham can be seen in ZERP Gallery, and shows Anique Weve photos at Art Space Rotterdam. The artists of the Borgerstraat, Art & Complex, The Wild Know en Piet Zwart Institute open their studios to the public this weekend. There is also another one Not For Profit Art Party by Little Red Riding Hood and WORM.
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The Garden Project
The Backyard: 07 / 02 - 09 / 02
The Garden Project is a collection of Rotterdam artists, designers and performers. It is a garden that transforms 'De Achtertuin' into a space of artistic happening. With work from Ruud Goedhart, Douwe Halbertsma, Jeannette Ephraim, Jochem Rotteveel, Milica Jovićević, Vladimir Radujkov, Iris Woutera de Jong, Eva Krause, Wandschappen en Duotuin.
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The New Current
Cruise Terminal Rotterdam: 06 / 02 - 10 / 02
During the Art Rotterdam Week presents The New Current in collaboration with Qade Solo Project a special exhibition and performance program with work by 15 young artists in the Cruise Terminal Rotterdam. CBK Rotterdam contributed to the artists' fees for this exhibition.
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Salon Salon: 02 / 02 - 29 / 03
Handwriting, technique, craftsmanship, a desire for experimentation and a lot of pleasure in researching and creating are the foundation of the work of the participating artists Onno Poiesz, Bertjan Pot, Karin Rianne Westendorp en Serge Game in the Wanderland exhibition. CBK Rotterdam contributed to the artists' fees for this exhibition.
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Art Index Rotterdam
There is much more art to see during Art Rotterdam Week. For a complete and up-to-date (English) overview of all exhibitions at Rotterdam galleries, institutions and project spaces, visit the Art Index website. Art Index organizes a special Downtown Gallery Evening on Thursday. Art Index is supported by CBK Rotterdam.
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