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April 2019

See and do
There is plenty to see and do in Rotterdam in the coming weeks. And with the nice weather forecast and a number of days off that works out very well. First of all, the city designers of 2019 are known! Read on to find out who won. You can go to TENT for live performances, a symposium and two exhibitions during Post-Opera. In addition, Rotterdam Cultural Histories #16 will be opened, this time with the subject: how do you get from the Salvador Allendestraat to the Andre van der Louwbrug? On Koningsdag we celebrate in CultuurWerkplaats Tarwewijk, where you are very welcome. From May 15 you can go to an exhibition on the mesh side drawings at the Hilton Rotterdam and finally CBK Rotterdam is involved in new projects such as Tuin van Noord and the beautification of the Voorschoterlaan.
The city designers of 2019 are known!
After a successful pilot project in 2018 in which ten Rotterdam artists captured ten different buildings by Rotterdam architect Hugh Maaskant, the City Archives and CBK Rotterdam, in collaboration with the Kunsthal, decided to commission a number of artists to capture the city each year. At the start of 2019 they called on artists from Rotterdam to submit documentation on the basis of which a jury made a choice for the new city designers of 2019. This call was answered with 72 submissions that together nicely reflects the idiosyncratic nature of Rotterdam culture.

The jury wants to make its choice known with great conviction and pleasure. The Rotterdam City Designers are 2019 Cox Janssens, Kay Hessels and Isra Páez.
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exhibition, symposium
19 / 04 to 30 / 06 / 19 in TENT
Opening: Thursday 18 April, 19.00 hour. TENT, V2_ Lab for unstable media and Operadagen Rotterdam join forces for a unique collaboration. The result is a dynamic program with live performances, a symposium and two exhibitions. In it, Post-Opera, at the intersection of visual arts, technology and opera, examines the changing relationship between the human body and the voice.
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Rotterdam Cultural Histories #16
19 / 04 / 2019 up to 06 / 10 / 2019 in TENT
This exhibition examines the Rotterdam solidarity movement that emerged after the coup in Chile in 1973, where President Salvador Allende and his cabinet were relieved of power. Thousands of Chileans came to Rotterdam, where they stood at the basis of various works of art, with André van der Louw, mayor of Rotterdam in the 1974-1981 period, as the central figure.
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King's Day in the Tarwewijk
27 / 04 / 19 in CultuurWerkplaats Tarwewijk
Come dance, get yourself tied up and balance on one leg. On King's Day, Saturday 27 April, Mr. Jacques, De Knoop and De Man standing on one leg are present in the courtyard of CultuurWerkplaats Tarwewijk. Capture this spectacle on a drawing, photo or poem and win a cake for ten people! All this while enjoying a snack, drink and wonderful music.
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Expo Maas lace drawings
15/05/19 t/m 26/05/19
Following the 40 anniversary of the Maaskant Prize in 2018, Rotterdam City Archives and CBK Rotterdam invited 10 Rotterdam artists to give their impression of one of the many Maaskant buildings that the city has to offer. In honor of Assembly Day 2019, these are exhibited in the Hilton Hotel.
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Garden of the North
#work in progress
Real estate developer HD Groep, in collaboration with BKOR 10, asked artists to contribute their thoughts on art in the Tuin van Noord housing project in the former prison on the Noordsingel. The intention is that demolition material from the prison is used to make the final artworks.
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Embellishment at Voorschoterlaan
#work in progress
In 2015, a number of local residents started the Art on the Head project to tackle the clutter at the head of the Voorschoterlaan. The goal is not only to beautify the street, but also to create something special at the entrance to the Voorschoterlaan. BKOR together with the local residents reviewed ideas and designs and joined forces to get an artwork by Ron van der Ende realized.
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