TENT Online Cinema

Presents the coming weeks TENT Online Cinema a series of film and video works by Rotterdam artists. Every week a new work is presented and each work is screened for two weeks, so that you can see it again or recommend it to others.

Tip for an optimal viewing experience: close the curtains, listen with headphones for ideal sound, pour yourself a drink and really sit down!

The first work is an ode to Rotterdam during the lockdown: Under the Wing (Under the Wing), created by artist Iratxe Jaio and her 11-year-old son Iñaki who was unable to go to school for weeks due to the pandemic. The movie was inspired by Wings of desire by Wim Wenders. A mysterious boy climbs over the rooftops of Rotterdam to listen to the people below him and make notes of their thoughts on sheets of paper. These have been transformed into whispers of various people who respond to a call via social media. More than 200 whispers are recorded, in a variety of languages, as if the world wanted to let the artist and her son know that they are not alone in their sense of isolation.

The second work heet Scent of Economic LossA four and a half minute work in English by artist, designer and writer Coltrane McDowell.
In 2020, the pandemic caused all air traffic and group gatherings to be canceled. This had a tremendous effect on the multi-billion dollar flower industry. When the demand for flowers plummeted in the large auction house of Aalsmeer in the Netherlands, it caused a ripple effect in countries such as Kenya. In no time at all, thousands of people were out of work and thousands of flowers were thrown away on a daily basis. The rose industry, one of the largest export industries in the country, was in a major crisis.

Publication date: 01 / 04 / 2021