Opening Art Rotterdam 2020. Photo: Almichael Fraay

Rotterdam Art Week x CBK Rotterdam

Rotterdam Art Week will take place from Thursday 19 to Sunday 22 May. CBK Rotterdam is involved through various projects. We have listed a number of events for you.

Studio Borgerstraat
Studio Borgerstraat opens its doors again! In addition to permanent artists, there are, as every year, many guest artists, including the new Atelier Unie Rotterdam, which focuses on the dire studio situation in Rotterdam. Tess Martin, Sander van Wettum, Sandro Setola and Piet de Jonge make a presentation to make the need visible. The opening speech is on Friday 20 May at 17.00 pm by Ibrahim Aloui Chifri of CBK Rotterdam.

Not For Sale by Toine Klaassen
Opposite the entrance of Rotterdam Art Week, Toine Klaassen (The Dutch Bushman) will live in, around and on an exorbitant banana box installation every day during his performance. Not For Sale.

Substrate by Ruben Mols
Thanks to the CBK Rotterdam work grant PPR (Production, Presentation and Research), Ruben Mols developed five works, made of powder-coated steel, wood and acrylic. With the Substrate works he investigates a visual language that can be found in technological equipment. The works are both handmade and created with computer-controlled techniques. Two of the works, Substrate I en III can be seen at Prospects, the Mondriaan Fund's exhibition at Rotterdam Art Week.

Jungle Jim by Jelmer Konjo and Noël Deelen
In Jungle Gym is art a form of play. The playful development of new techniques is the starting point of this exhibition by artists Noël Deelen and Jelmer Konjo. In the former warehouse and historical museum De Dubbelde Palmboom, materials and working methods are played, and (anti-)design versus art. A colorful whole shows a mix of interactive work, Fred Flintstone objects and a series of graphic collages with a dark twist.

Dogs can smell dogs from Alexandra Phillips
In Dogs can smell dogs Rising talent Alexandra Phillips repeatedly urges the viewer to recognize the phenomenon of deviation and see it as a lubricant for real contact. She translates this vision in her sculptures, reliefs and videos by presenting everyday objects made of plaster, plastic and foam packaging in an unusual way. By not transforming the materials, but making the best use of their intrinsic properties, Phillips shows us their unforeseen potential and appeal. View her work in the exhibition obsessions in Brutus until May 29.

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Publication date: 11 / 05 / 2022