Call - Public Works Rotterdam 2021

The second edition of Public Works Rotterdam will once again be seen throughout the city in July as an outdoor expo. During the first edition last year, 400 works were exhibited on the many empty outdoor billboards, which, due to the corona crisis, could not display posters of, for example, theater and dance performances. The first edition was a great success, so there will be another edition this summer.

Public Works Rotterdam 2021 invites everyone to participate in this edition. A theme has been chosen this year: ''Everything is Possible ”. 

New this year is that there is a jury that will choose a number of prize winners and a number of participants from last year will also help with the selection.

How? Register via the form on the website ( and submit a work that you think will work in the outdoor space and is appropriate for this time.

The data: 

7 May // deadline for submitting works

1 july // start of Public Works and official opening

1 August // end of Public works

Public Works Rotterdam offers each participant 5 A0 posters that the public can buy from you for an amount of Euro 35, -.

Public Works Rotterdam also shows all works on the website, with a reference to the websites or contact details of the participating artists, so that if people are interested in the work, they can contact the maker directly.

Publication date: 15 / 04 / 2021