June Yu – Interfacing Stickiness

R&D awards round 3

In the third round of R&D (Development & Research grant for Rotterdam artists), 11 of the 27 applications were granted. A total of €245.905,00 was requested. The 11 approved applications concerned an amount of € 97.995,00.

Teun de Graaf – Experimental sound carriers
A material study into the possibilities of making playable sound carriers from wood glue.

Tess martin – Tracing Rita
A cinematic project in which test images are filmed and a script is developed for a new film to be made.

Momu & No Es – FATAL
An investigation into what the interior of a cave would be like, in the not-too-distant future.

Nada van Dalen – Stop Charlois
Designing a series of small-scale collections, based on the current state of the Charloisse microcosm.

Katinka of Gorkum - Dear Anna,
A project about the writer Anna Blaman.

Hyunji Jung – Song of the Four Seasons
A research and development project, focusing on two idiosyncratic art forms from different cultures; haiku and raga.

Jip Piet Hilhorst – A quest for the universal primordial memory
A quest for the universal primal memory, resulting in an experimental book.

June Yue – Interfacing Stickiness
An investigation into stickiness at different levels in collaboration with science.

Erika Roux – Riposte from the city
An investigation into the relationship between urban spaces and the production of subjectivities.

Daniel Tuomey – Charlois Cloudland
A research project on the overlapping use of fantasy in game design and urban planning.

Jaime Levinas – History Automatic
A deepening in the history of street food in Rotterdam.

Read here more about the R&D scheme.

Publication date: 20 / 12 / 2021