Image: Oana Clitan

R&D awards round 3 (2022)

In the third and final round of R&D (grant Development & Research for Rotterdam artists) by 2022, 12 of the 62 applications have been awarded. A total of €619.923,08 was requested. The approved applications amount to €108.364. The artists who have received an award are:

Olphaert den Otter
Riflesso sull'Arco – the movie

Jannette Jeanine Verloop

Sol Archer
on the maintenance of a growing image

Oana Cletan
Birth of OPPER

Bruno Neves
Bird's view on Rotterdam

Miriam Somers
Silent Sirens

Margre Steensma
How would you like to be supported?

Babak & Nasrin Afrassiabi Sefid Dasthi & Tabatabai
Psychic Island

Celine Cali

Elian Somers
Mount Athos (working title)

Kexin Hao
Liminal Wild Live

Alexandra Phillips
Eye Dialect

Publication date: 16 / 12 / 2022