R&D awards round 2 (2023)

In the second round of R&D (subsidy Development & Research for Rotterdam artists) of 2023, 14 of the 55 applications have been awarded. A total of €597.547,00 was requested. The approved applications amount to €143.384. The artists who have received an award are: Angelica Falkeling, Angeniet Berkers, Mo Janssens, Ines Borovac, Johannes Langkamp, ​​Pilar Mata Dupont, Kari Robertson, Jason Hendrik Hansma, Yang Yu, Marvin Lalihatu, Linh Luu, Miyoung Chang, Tamara Vierbergen and Daniel Tuomey.

Angelica Falkeling
Life with Fifi

Angenite Berkers

Mo Janssens
Boihood: A Visual Journey into Trans Masculinities

Ines Borovac
Why won't you marry me?

Johannes Langkamp
The meta-work process

Pilar Mata Dupont
The Polder Western (working title)

Kari Robertson
Toxic ground and the social body; Soil as memory, metaphor and metabolism

Jason Hendrik Hansma

Yang yu
Visible Stitches, Invisible Women- the overlooked value of females in weaving and coding

Linh Luu & Marvin Lalihatu
Thức Tỉnh

Miyoung Chang
The Bridge is Broken, You Can Go Around

Tamara Vierbergen

Daniel Tuomey
STUCK: The Necessarily Oral History Of A Burned Inheritance

Image: Tamara Vierbergen

Publication date: 19 / 07 / 2023